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We Generated 1,091 Quality Leads for Sun Protection Florida in the First 2 Months

Updated: Feb 19

Introduction Sun Protection Florida, the premier brand for screens and awnings in the Sunshine State, had established itself as a prominent player. The company prided itself on quality services, yet faced significant challenges in their digital marketing strategy before partnering with GenTech Marketing. Sun Protection Florida partnered with GenTech Marketing to increase the quality of their leads, improve their lead generation, decrease the cost per lead and most importantly to keep their sales pipeline full of qualified leads.


Challenges Faced Sun Protection Florida encountered significant hurdles that hindered its growth trajectory. Their primary challenges included:

Cost per Lead: In Florida's competitive market for high-ticket services, the company struggled to acquire quality leads at an efficient cost.

Lead Quality: SPF struggled with generating high-quality leads for their high-ticket services, which impacted their sales conversion rates.

Effective Lead Generation: SPF faced difficulty in generating a consistent flow of qualified leads for their specialized services. Given the nature of their high-ticket services, the acquisition of quality leads was paramount but proved to be a persistent challenge.


Solutions Implemented GenTech Marketing devised a multi-faceted strategy to address these challenges:

Meta Ads: Leveraging cutting-edge techniques in social paid ads, GenTech introduced meta ads, directing leads to targeted landing pages to improve lead quality significantly. Utilizing meta ads strategically to reach a wider audience and improve lead quality.

Ad Optimization: GenTech optimized existing ad campaigns to maximize cost efficiency, refining audience targeting and placements for better reach.

Focused Landing Page: Directed leads to optimized landing pages to enhance user experience and encourage higher-quality conversions. Redirecting leads to a meticulously designed landing page, resulting in a noticeable increase in lead quality and conversion rates.

Creative Video Content: To capture audience attention and engagement, GenTech utilized TikTok-style videos and engaging before-and-after video content, providing a fresh, creative approach to their marketing campaigns. The introduction of TikTok-style videos, showcasing before-and-after scenarios along with other creative content, injected a new level of engagement into their campaigns.

Advanced Audience Targeting: Leveraged advanced audience segmentation to target specific demographics, improving the likelihood of conversions. Employing targeted advertising strategies, such as lookalike audience targeting and interest-based audience segmentation, to enhance lead generation efficiency.


Results Achieved in 2 Months The implementation of GenTech Marketing’s strategies yielded remarkable results for Sun Protection Florida:

Leads Generated: A remarkable influx of 1,091 high-quality leads within the first 2 months of partnering with us, showcasing the efficiency of the revamped marketing strategies in attracting and engaging potential customers.

Deals Closed: Successful closure of 54 deals within just 2 months, indicating a significant improvement in the conversion rate and sales performance.

Total Deal Amount: An impressive $442K in generated revenue from the closed deals, underlining the substantial financial impact of the optimized marketing efforts.

Return on Investment (ROI): Achieved an outstanding 2.6X ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness and profitability of the implemented strategies in driving revenue growth and maximizing marketing investments.


Conclusion GenTech Marketing's partnership with Sun Protection Florida wasn't just a success; it was a transformative journey that elevated their brand visibility, lead quality, and revenue stream. By implementing innovative strategies, leveraging creative content formats, and refining targeting techniques, Sun Protection Florida witnessed exponential growth within just 2 months.

GenTech Marketing’s innovative solutions not only met the challenges faced but also exceeded expectations, solidifying Sun Protection Florida's position as a leader in the Florida sun protection industry.

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