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How We Generated $853K in Sales in 6 Months: Case Study

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


Air Mavericks is a leading provider in air duct cleaning and restoration services in Florida. They clean out the dirt, debris, and allergens, littering in air ducts, improving the indoor air quality in a home while enhancing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

With GenTech Marketing being the industry leader in generating high ticket clients using Facebook Ads, Air Mavericks reached out to us when they decided to scale their business.

The Process:

When we met with the Air Mavericks team, they were bouncing around between various marketing strategies that weren't optimized. Their social media and website looked ok, but the ads that they were running weren't performing.

They jumped onboard with our Facebook Ad strategy with a small budget. It wasn't long before they saw leads coming in and converting into paying clients. They increased their ad budget consistently month over month.

The Results:

When Air Mavericks partnered with GenTech Marketing, they had a simple goal of $60,000 in additional revenue in 6 months. After starting slow and increasing the ad budget over time we have generated over 4,274 leads which 80% of them converted into paying clients generating over $853,600 in 6 months directly from the Facebook Ads.

Get Started Today:

Working with GenTech Marketing, we always go above and beyond for our clients to make sure you are getting the highest return on investment. We will never recommend a service that is not worthy of your investment. We consider your business as if it was our own. Having been in the industry for 5 years, we know what works and what doesn't. Our experts are able to advise you on the strategies that we have found to work for other businesses in your industry so that you are not wasting your time and money with "testing".

If you have been thinking about growing your business but aren't sure where to start, let's hop on a 30 minute discovery call. This is a no pressure call to go over your current strategies and your goals. The worse that can happen is that you learn some new marketing strategies and implement them yourselves but the upside opportunity is that we are a good fit and we can scale your business and help you reach your business goals!

Click here to schedule a call today. We are excited to speak with you!


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