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How GenTech's Scalable Revenue Ecosystem Increased PR Firm's Revenue & Clients Beyond Word-of-Mouth

Updated: Apr 17


Omni Public was searching for a growth partner who could help them overcome the challenges they encountered in their business operations. GenTech Marketing, through their Scalable Revenue Ecosystem program, provided solutions to address these challenges and achieve remarkable results. This case study outlines the challenges faced by Omni Public, GenTech Marketing's solutions and the results achieved.


Challenges Faced by Omni Public

Omni Public encountered several hurdles in their business journey. Some of the key challenges they faced were:

  1. High Cost per Registration: Omni Public struggled with a high cost per registration, which impacted their profitability and hindered business growth. Their goal was to reduce the cost per registration significantly, aiming to bring it below the threshold of $100.

  2. Inconsistent Deal Sizes: The average deal size for Omni Public varied significantly, ranging from $4,000 to $8,000. This inconsistency made it challenging to forecast and plan their revenue streams effectively.


GenTech Marketing's Solutions

GenTech Marketing's Scalable Revenue Ecosystem offered a comprehensive set of solutions to address Omni Public's challenges.

The following solutions were implemented for Omni Public:

  1. Compelling Copywriting: GenTech Marketing provided guidance and support to enhance Omni Public's copywriting skills, enabling them to craft compelling PR messages that resonated with their target audience and attracted potential highly qualified clients effectively.

  2. Unique Mechanism Development: GenTech Marketing helped Omni Public develop a unique mechanism that set them apart from other PR agencies. This mechanism served as a distinctive selling point, showcasing Omni Public's expertise and value proposition to potential clients.

  3. Offer Creation: Through the program, GenTech Marketing assisted Omni Public in creating compelling service packages and offerings that catered to the specific needs and objectives of their target clients.

  4. Scripting Support: GenTech Marketing provided scripting support to Omni Public, ensuring that their client presentations, media pitches, and communication strategies were well-crafted and persuasive.

  5. Ads and VSL Optimization: The Scalable Revenue Ecosystem program included modules focused on optimizing PR campaigns and video presentations to maximize their impact and drive better results for Omni Public.

  6. Social Media Optimization: GenTech Marketing guided Omni Public on optimizing their presence and engagement on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, helping them leverage these channels effectively to attract and engage potential clients.

  7. Building Thought Leadership: The program offered strategies and techniques to establish Omni Public as a thought leader in the PR industry, positioning them as experts and attracting clients seeking industry-leading insights and expertise.

  8. CRM Automations: GenTech Marketing provided insights on implementing CRM automations, streamlining Omni Public's client management processes, and improving overall efficiency.


Results Achieved

The implementation of GenTech Marketing's Scalable Revenue Ecosystem coaching program yielded impressive results for Omni Public. Some notable outcomes include:

  1. Cost per Registration: Omni Public achieved a significant improvement in their cost per registration, reducing it to $79.27. This optimization helped enhance their profitability and overall business performance.

  2. Average Deal Size: Through the program, Omni Public experienced more consistency in their average deal size, enabling them to forecast and plan their revenue streams more effectively.

  3. Business Growth: GenTech Marketing's solutions propelled Omni Public's business growth and business revenue. The program provided the necessary tools and strategies to surpass their previous revenue plateaus.



GenTech Marketing's Scalable Revenue Ecosystem program proved instrumental in helping Omni Public overcome their challenges and achieve remarkable results. Through GenTech Marketing, Omni Public successfully optimized their cost per registration, improved their average deal size, and experienced significant business growth.

The Scalable Revenue Ecosystem's comprehensive approach, encompassing various elements of business development, played a pivotal role in Omni Public's success. With GenTech Marketing's guidance, Omni Public was able to implement an effective ecosystem and propel their business to new heights.

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