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We Transformed an Agency From Slow Lead Flow to Overflow in Just 60 Days

Updated: Apr 17


VIP Ignite Live, a distinguished talent agency established in 2016, has been dedicated to empowering emerging models, actors, and musicians. Recognizing the importance of scaling their operations, VIP Ignite Live sought the expertise of GenTech Marketing to overcome pivotal challenges hindering their exponential growth. VIP Ignite grappled with obstacles, including a persistently high cost per lead, a slow flow of potential leads, the urgent need for a continuous stream of prospects to keep their sales team engaged, and a compelling aspiration to generate more diverse business opportunities. By teaming up with GenTech Marketing's expertise, VIP Ignite aimed to break through these barriers and keep their sales pipeline full of qualified leads.


Challenges Faced

High Cost Per Lead

VIP Ignite was struggling with the expenses incurred for acquiring each lead. The cost per lead was considerably high, which strained their budget and profitability. This challenge hindered their ability to scale and grow their business effectively.

Slow Lead Flow

The flow of leads into VIP Ignite's pipeline was sluggish. A limited number of leads were coming in, affecting their sales team's productivity and ability to engage with potential clients. This slow lead flow hindered the agency's growth momentum and business expansion plans.

Need for More Lead Flow to Keep Sales Team Busy

To maintain the productivity and efficiency of their sales team, VIP Ignite required a consistent and higher flow of leads. The existing volume of leads wasn't adequate to keep the sales team sufficiently engaged, leading to underutilization of resources and potential missed opportunities.

Generating More Business Opportunities

VIP Ignite aimed to expand its business and reach a wider audience. Generating more business opportunities was a key objective, essential for sustaining growth, fostering industry connections, and creating avenues for aspiring talent to connect with influential industry executives.



Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads

GenTech Marketing utilized the power of various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, to create and run targeted advertising campaigns. Leveraging these platforms helped expand VIP Ignite's reach and engagement with their desired audience of aspiring models, actors, and musicians.

Incorporating Skit Videos in Ads

The marketing strategy included the integration of skit videos within the ad content. These videos were crafted to captivate the audience's attention, increase engagement, and effectively convey the message, resonating with the aspirations of individuals seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Crafting Engaging Copy

GenTech Marketing focused on creating compelling and engaging ad copy that directly addressed the desires, ambitions, and aspirations of the target audience. This personalized approach in the ad content increased the effectiveness of the campaigns and drove higher engagement.

Utilizing Lookalike Audiences

Leveraging the lookalike audience feature provided by social media platforms, GenTech targeted audiences with similarities to VIP Ignite's existing customer base. This strategy helped in reaching new prospects who shared characteristics and interests with VIP Ignite's ideal clients.

High-Interest-Based Targeting for Actors, Models, Musicians

GenTech meticulously targeted individuals interested in acting, modeling, singing, dancing, and performing arts. By focusing on high-interest-based targeting, the ads were directed to the specific demographic that VIP Ignite aimed to engage and attract.


Results in JUST 2 Months

Ad Spend: $22,572

VIP Ignite allocated this budget towards running targeted paid ads campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok through GenTech Marketing.

Lead Generated: 5,238

Through the strategic implementation of social media ad campaigns and precise targeting, GenTech successfully generated 5,238 leads within just 2 months of working with VIP Ignite to keep their sales pipeline full of qualified leads.

Cost Per Lead: $4.31

The cost per lead significantly decreased to $4.31, showcasing the efficiency of the implemented strategies in reducing acquisition costs and optimizing the lead generation process. This cost per lead was cut by 3 from the previous marketing agency.

Deals Closed: 57

The increased flow of leads resulted in the successful closure of 57 deals for VIP Ignite. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the generated leads in converting into tangible business opportunities.

Lifetime Value (LTV) per Customer: $8,000

The value derived from each customer (actors, models, musicians, etc.) over their entire engagement with VIP Ignite was measured at an impressive $8,000. This signifies the potential long-term value VIP Ignite can expect from its closed deals.



GenTech Marketing's strategic approach to social media paid ads played a pivotal role in transforming VIP Ignite's lead generation efforts. By efficiently deploying a mix of engaging content formats, precise targeting, and a deep understanding of the aspirations of the target audience, GenTech successfully reduced the cost per lead significantly. This resulted in a substantial increase in lead generation and, consequently, a notable rise in closed deals for VIP Ignite.

The collaboration between GenTech Marketing and VIP Ignite underscored the efficacy of leveraging social media advertising to amplify visibility, generate high-quality leads, and ultimately drive business growth. Through this partnership, GenTech helped VIP Ignite achieve their goal of discovering raw talent and paving the way for their success within the competitive entertainment industry.

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