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We create ads that generate revenue

About Us

Finding a team that you can trust to deliver exceptional work every time and be available when you call is a hard and frustrating task. These attributes are especially important during the initial growth and scaling phases of a business. This is why it's in our culture to be our client's number one supporter and consider their company like ours.


In 2015, GenTech Marketing was born, a digital marketing company managed by a team of carefully selected professionals with one primary goal... To help you reach your business goals!

Our Awards

Dan Olson, Founder & CEO of UpCity, had this to say about GenTech Marketing: "Congratulations to GenTech Marketing for achieving National and Local Excellence Awards in 2021. Their expertise in optimizing and delivering high-quality leads to their clients has made them a service provider that stands out above the competition."

Tampa Local Excellence award for GenTech Marketing

What do our clients say?

"You guys have really cracked the code. I have plans to expand even further with you guys looking at how well you have done. We dominated the Florida market. We're number 1 in all of Florida in Health Insurance Policies."

Byron Johnson

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