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We Achieved 11.5X ROAS and Cut the Cost per Lead in Half in 1 Week for a Coaching Business

Updated: Apr 17


Lets Geaux Hustle, an online coaching business specializing in Turo business development and scaling, approached us with a clear objective: enhance lead generation and optimize their marketing efforts in a saturated coaching industry.


Challenges Faced

Lets Geaux Hustle had encountered significant hurdles before partnering with GenTech Marketing:

Inconsistent Lead Flow: Prior marketing efforts yielded inconsistent leads, resulting in missed potential prospects and lost revenue opportunities. Without optimization, they lacked the systems to capture and nurture all interested parties entering their funnel.

High Cost Per Lead: Their previous cost per lead was significantly eating into profit margins and hampering the sustainability of their customer acquisition model. To scale efficiently, reducing CPL was mandatory.

Unqualified Leads: The majority of leads generated were not qualified. They needed to improve targeting to attract qualified leads within their target demographic willing to invest in their high-end program.

No Follow-Up Automations: Without automated follow-up sequences, transient leads passed through their sales funnel without converting or receiving prompt rep follow-up.



To address Lets Geaux Hustle's challenges, we devised a strategy leveraging our expertise in social paid ads and marketing automation:

Landing Pages: GenTech developed specialized landing pages with Lets Geaux Hustle's branding and value proposition messaging to convert interested visitors into leads for further qualification.

Instagram DM Ads: Executed targeted Instagram feed and stories ads focused on precisely profiling their ideal customer. Drove cold traffic directly into landing page flow at scale. Significant testing identify lowest CPL creatives.

CRM Automations and Sequences: Built multi-channel automations within CRM sequencing relevant value-add followup when a lead enters the funnel to nurture prospects until sales rep reaches out. Setup of a CRM system with tailored automations and sequences for effective follow-up, significantly improving the show rate and conversion metrics.

Organic Content Optimization: Provided recommendations on repurposing and structuring Lets Geaux Hustle's organic social content to attract and capture extra qualified prospects already engaged by utilizing Instagram automations.


Results in 1 Week

The implementation of GenTech Marketing’s strategies yielded remarkable results for Lets Geaux Hustle:

Ad Spend: With a strategic investment of only $1,000 on Instagram ads, Lets Geaux Hustle experienced an outstanding return on investment.

Increased Revenue: The return on ad spend was an impressive 11.5X ROAS. It's like turning a small investment into a big return. This success shows how effective our ads were at bringing in more sales and making the most out of our advertising budget.

Cost Per Lead Cut in Half: We successfully reduced the cost per lead by 50% from their previos marketing efforts.

Quality Lead Generation: GenTech generated 179 highly qualified leads for Lets Geaux Hustle in about 1 week.

Improved Show Rate: The implementation of refined follow-up sequences and CRM automations led an increased show rate, amplifying the effectiveness of the lead nurturing process and ultimately boosting conversions for Lets Geaux Hustle.


In about 1 week, GenTech Marketing successfully helped Lets Geaux Hustle capture 11.5x ROAS through strategic Instagram advertising supplemented with an optimized conversion funnel and CRM automation. Lowering cost per lead while scaling up qualified deal flow demonstrates the potential for Lets Geaux Hustle. At GenTech Marketing, we don't just meet expectations; we exceed them, setting new benchmarks for revenue-focused digital marketing excellence.

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