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How GenTech Marketing Helped GhosTrades Generate $225K Profit with ONE Campaign

Updated: Mar 8


GhosTrades is a premier trading education service. They had previously worked with different marketing agencies that ran ads through their own accounts, which was unethical because the agencies kept the data and held the client hostage. When GhosTrades approached GenTech Marketing, they did not have a Facebook business manager set up. GhosTrades recognized the need to overhaul their marketing strategy to attract more leads and expand their business, but were unsure about how to initiate the process.



GhosTrades approached GenTech Marketing for a solution to their challenge. GhosTrades then joined GenTech Marketing’s Scalable Revenue Ecosystem Coaching Program, which is a 90-day mix of "Done For You" and "Done With You" modules to help businesses grow their revenue. Within the program, GenTech Marketing taught GhosTrades various aspects of the business such as copywriting, developing a unique mechanism, creating an offer, scripting for the clients, ads and VSL, IG and FB optimization, growing a Facebook group, optimizing CTAs, and creating CRM automations. GenTech Marketing launched lead generation ads to get them registrations for their events to sell their service to clients.



After joining the Scalable Revenue Ecosystem Coaching Program, GhosTrades was able to achieve significant results. In the first campaign test on location, GhosTrades generated $50-$60K in profit. In the Vegas location, GhosTrades spent $8,080 on paid ads through GenTech Marketing and generated $225K in profit from one campaign. Our Scalable Revenue Ecosystem Coaching Program gave GhosTrades the tools and knowledge they needed to make real, meaningful changes to their business.

The program's simple yet effective process elevated GhosTrades' marketing game and empowered them to reach their full potential. With the guidance of the program's expert coaches, GhosTrades experienced a mind-blowing surge in leads, taking their business to new heights of success. The program has helped businesses making $30K a month to make over $500K a month. GhosTrades was able to launch an online version of their business with the help of GenTech Marketing.



GenTech Marketing was able to provide a comprehensive solution to GhosTrades by launching lead generation ads, teaching various aspects of the business, and providing a 90-day mix of "Done For You" and "Done With You" modules to help GhosTrades grow their business. The Scalable Revenue Ecosystem Coaching Program has helped GhosTrades achieve significant results in a short time, enabling them to replace their income and live financially free. The program has also helped other businesses to surpass their plateaus, making GenTech Marketing an excellent partner for businesses looking to grow their revenue.

If you're ready to take your coaching or agency business to the next level, the SRE coaching program is for you. We've implemented everything we teach in our own business, so we know it works. Let us help you achieve the same kind of dramatic and engaging results that GhosTrades experienced.

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