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From Startup to 4 Locations in Just 6 Months: Victory Health Medical Group's Success Story

Updated: Apr 17


In January 2023, GenTech Marketing started working with Victory Health Medical Group after being contacted by Gabe, the founder of the medical group. Gabe was in search of the best local marketing company to help him achieve his goals, which included transitioning away from his work at the hospital, rapidly expanding his practice, and opening 2 additional locations by the end of the year. This case study highlights the challenges faced by Victory Health Medical Group, GenTech Marketing's solutions, the achieved results, and a concluding assessment.


Challenges Faced by Victory Health

The following challenges were faced by Victory Health Medical Group, which resonate with many other medical companies in the industry:

  1. Evolving Marketing Landscape: Victory Health struggled to navigate the rapidly changing marketing landscape. The constant evolution of digital platforms and strategies made it challenging to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

  2. Burned by Other Marketing Companies: Victory Health had previously engaged with marketing companies, but their efforts yielded disappointing results. Gabe felt frustrated, as he could not discern the value he was receiving or track the effectiveness of his investments. This lack of transparency hindered their ability to make informed decisions. The lack of clear insights and analytics from other marketing companies made it challenging to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and allocate resources optimally.

  3. Compliance and Regulatory Constraints: Victory Health operates in a heavily regulated industry, facing constraints on advertising certain prescription drugs and specific keywords. Adhering to compliance requirements while still creating impactful and engaging marketing content proved to be a delicate balance.


GenTech Marketing's Solutions

GenTech Marketing created a comprehensive marketing strategy to address Victory Health Medical Group's challenges. The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Website Development: Recognizing the significance of a strong online presence, GenTech Marketing built a modern, user-friendly website for Victory Health Medical Group. The website became a powerful tool to showcase their services, expertise, and multiple locations, leaving a lasting impression on potential patients.

  2. Automated Booking System: Streamlining the patient booking process was a top priority. GenTech integrated a seamless automated booking system into Victory Health's website, revolutionizing the way patients scheduled appointments. This innovative feature significantly reduced administrative burdens, allowing the medical group to focus more on delivering exceptional patient care.

  3. Lead Generation and Tracking: GenTech Marketing implemented a robust lead delivery and tracking system, providing Victory Health Medical Group with valuable insights into their lead generation efforts. By accurately tracking the sources of their leads, Gabe and his team gained a deep understanding of their marketing performance and were empowered to make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

  4. Social Paid Advertising: Recognizing the immense potential of social media platforms, GenTech Marketing crafted targeted and impactful Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. Through simplified yet compelling ad copy, we captured the attention of Victory Health's target audience and conveyed key information effectively. Moreover, our team leveraged visually engaging creatives to maximize the impact of each ad, ensuring that Victory Health's message resonated with potential patients.

  5. Regulatory Compliance: Our team expertly crafted compelling and compliant marketing content, navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the industry. We ensured that every piece of content adhered to relevant laws and restrictions while effectively communicating Victory Health's value proposition to potential patients. Collaborating closely with Victory Health's compliance personnel, we proactively addressed any concerns, resulting in trustworthy and engaging marketing materials that built credibility and positioned Victory Health as a reputable healthcare provider.


Results Achieved in 6 Months

Working closely with Victory Health Medical Group, GenTech Marketing achieved remarkable results within just 6 months:

  1. Rapid Expansion: With our assistance, Victory Health Medical Group successfully opened four new locations, surpassing Gabe's initial goal of opening one or two additional locations.

  2. Lead Generation: Through our strategic Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, Victory Health Medical Group generated a total of 4,664 leads.

  3. Decreased Cost per Lead: The average cost per lead was significantly reduced to $5.76, demonstrating the efficiency of the marketing campaigns.

  4. Impressions and Clicks: The campaigns generated 1.15 million impressions, which helped increase brand awareness. Additionally, the cost per click was reduced to $0.66, indicating effective targeting and engagement.

  5. Lead Attribution: By working with GenTech Marketing, Gabe gained visibility into the sources of his leads. We provided detailed analytics and reports, enabling him to understand which platforms were driving the most conversions.



Through our comprehensive marketing strategy, GenTech Marketing successfully helped Victory Health Medical Group overcome their challenges and achieve remarkable growth in a short period. By developing a high-converting website, implementing an automated booking system, and running targeted Facebook, Instagram and Google ad campaigns, we generated a significant number of leads and enabled Gabe to track their origin. As a result, Victory Health Medical Group expanded rapidly, opening 4 new locations within just 6 months of partnering with us.

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