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We Helped ANOTHER Dog Training Company Achieve 17X ROAS in One Month: Case Study

Updated: Feb 19


Frequency Canine, a reputable dog training business in the Florida Panhandle, partnered with GenTech Marketing a little over a month ago to enhance its digital marketing efforts. As a well-established company currently generating revenue between $30,000 to $50,000 per month, Frequency Canine approached GenTech Marketing with the ambitious goal of 3X their business. The challenges they faced were diverse, including lead generation, securing recurring clients, boosting their overall business, managing inconsistent leads, and reaching qualified leads who could afford their premium packages.


Challenges Faced

Frequency Canine confronted several challenges that were impeding its growth:

Lead Generation: Frequency Canine struggled to attract a steady stream of leads interested in their dog training services.

Recurrence: They needed a more reliable system for acquiring recurring clients who would benefit from their expertise over time.

Inconsistent Leads: The leads they generated were inconsistent and did not always convert into paying clients.

Qualifying Leads: It was challenging to identify and reach potential clients willing to invest in their premium dog training packages.



GenTech Marketing devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address Frequency Canine's challenges:

Instagram DM Ads: GenTech Marketing leveraged Instagram's Direct Message (DM) ads, focusing on the feed, reels, and stories. This approach allowed Frequency Canine to engage directly with potential clients and build relationships.

Copywriting and Video Split Testing: GenTech Marketing conducted split tests on ad copy and videos to determine the most effective messaging and content for their target audience.

Utilizing High-Performing Videos: GenTech Marketing utilized videos that performed well on Instagram to reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

Training and Testimonial Videos: The team created ad campaigns with a mix of training and testimonial videos, which built trust and showcased the effectiveness of Frequency Canine's services. Frequency Canine's owner, an expert in dog training, was featured in videos demonstrating effective training techniques. This approach added a personal touch to the marketing strategy and showcased their expertise.

Geotargeting: To expand their reach, GenTech Marketing implemented geotargeting to target potential clients in surrounding counties within the Florida panhandle.


Results in a Little Over One Month

GenTech Marketing's efforts yielded remarkable results for Frequency Canine in just over one month:

Ad Spend: A total investment of $1,987 in Instagram DM campaigns.

Leads Generated: Successfully attracted 63 potential clients through DM campaigns.

Closed Deals: Converted 8 of these potential clients into paying customers.

Total Deal Amount: Achieved a total revenue of $33,000 from the 8 closed deals.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): An outstanding 17X return on ad spend, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy.



GenTech Marketing's partnership with Frequency Canine has proven to be a resounding success. In just over a month, the digital marketing efforts have significantly improved lead generation, acquired new clients, and propelled the business to new heights. By combining innovative strategies such as Instagram DM ads, geotargeting, and content/copywriting testing, Frequency Canine experienced a remarkable 17X return on ad spend, indicating the potential for substantial growth.

The success of this campaign showcases the effectiveness of GenTech Marketing's revenue-focused approach to social paid ads. With their commitment to delivering results and a deep understanding of the client's business, GenTech Marketing has set Frequency Canine on a path to achieve its ambitious growth objectives. As Frequency Canine continues to scale, this partnership demonstrates how innovative digital marketing can drive substantial business expansion and revenue growth.

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