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Fred Astaire Case Study: Increasing Leads to 872 & Reducing Cost per Lead to $8.25 in Just 5 Months


Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Fort Worth, renowned for its exceptional dance instruction and professional staff, aimed to boost its leads and enhance website traffic to attract more aspiring dancers. To achieve their goals, Fred Astaire collaborated with GenTech Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation and paid advertising. This case study highlights the challenges faced by Fred Astaire Dance Studio, GenTech Marketing's solutions, the achieved results, and a concluding assessment.


Challenges Faced by Fred Astaire Dance Studio

  1. Limited Leads: Despite having all the necessary resources, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Fort Worth faced the challenge of limited leads. They had a well-established dance studio with experienced instructors, a range of dance programs, and a reputation for excellence. However, they struggled to attract a sufficient number of potential dancers to their locations. Fred Astaire struggled with generating a sufficient number of leads to sustain growth and increase their customer base.

  2. Low Website Traffic: Fred Astaire Dance Studio had compelling content on their website, including information about their dance programs, instructor profiles, and testimonials. However, they faced the challenge of low website traffic. This meant that their valuable content was not reaching a wide audience, limiting their ability to convert website visitors into leads and ultimately, dancers at their locations.The studio faced challenges in attracting organic traffic to their website, hindering their ability to showcase their services and convert potential customers.

  3. Generate More Business: Fred Astaire Dance Studio aimed to generate more business at their locations. While they had a strong reputation among existing customers, they faced the challenge of attracting new customers and expanding their customer base. Without a steady influx of new dancers, the studio's revenue growth potential was limited.


GenTech Marketing's Solutions

To address the challenges faced by Fred Astaire Dance Studio, GenTech Marketing implemented the following strategies:

  1. Lead Form Ads with Video Content: GenTech Marketing created captivating and engaging video advertisements that showcased the unique dance programs offered by Fred Astaire Dance Studio. These ads were strategically designed to capture the attention of the target audience. Importantly, GenTech Marketing incorporated lead forms directly into the video ads, allowing potential dancers to express their interest seamlessly without leaving the ad platform.

  2. Lead Form Integration and Tracking: GenTech Marketing implemented a streamlined lead generation system by integrating lead forms into the video ads. When potential dancers clicked on the lead form, their information was automatically captured and sent to a dedicated spreadsheet. This allowed the Fred Astaire sales team to have real-time access to the leads, enabled them to promptly follow up with potential customers, and improved the overall lead management process.

  3. Personalized Creative: GenTech Marketing uploaded personalized creative content that featured dancers actively engaging with Fred Astaire Dance Studio's experienced teachers. This approach aimed to showcase the vibrant and energetic atmosphere at the studio, giving potential dancers a glimpse of the high-quality instruction and the positive environment they would experience.

  4. Compelling Copywriting: To grab the attention of the target audience, GenTech Marketing crafted compelling and inviting copy for the ads. The copy was designed to create curiosity and entice potential dancers to learn more about Fred Astaire Dance Studio's offerings. By leveraging persuasive language and a strong call-to-action, the ads encouraged users to take the next step.

  5. Introductory Offer and Call-to-Action: In order to further engage potential dancers, GenTech Marketing incorporated an introductory offer within the video ads. This offer provided an incentive for viewers to learn more about the studio by clicking on a dedicated button. By offering something of value upfront, GenTech Marketing successfully reeled in potential clients and increased the likelihood of conversions.

  6. Generating Traffic: Through the strategic implementation of the lead form ads, personalized creative content, compelling copywriting, and introductory video, GenTech Marketing generated increased traffic to Fred Astaire Dance Studio's business. By targeting the right audience with the right messaging, GenTech Marketing was able to drive potential dancers to visit the studio's physical locations and explore the range of dance programs available.


Results Achieved

Within a span of 5 months, Fred Astaire Dance Studio, with the assistance of GenTech Marketing, achieved significant results:

  1. Cost per Lead: The cost per lead was reduced to $8.25, ensuring a more efficient allocation of advertising budget.

  2. Leads Generated: A total of 872 potential dancers filled out the lead form, indicating a substantial increase in lead volume and potential customer base.

  3. Advertising Spend: Fred Astaire Dance Studio spent $7K on advertising, allowing them to achieve impressive results within a reasonable budget.

  4. Reach and Impressions: The ad campaigns reached approximately 185,000 individuals, with a total of 550,000 impressions. This ensured a broader audience exposure for the dance studio's services.

  5. Cost per Click: The cost per click was reduced to $0.39, indicating efficient targeting and higher engagement with the ads.

  6. Click-Through Rate: The click-through rate stood at 3.31%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the ad content and its ability to drive users to the website.



By leveraging GenTech Marketing's expertise, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Fort Worth successfully increased their leads and enhanced website traffic. Overall, GenTech Marketing's solutions helped Fred Astaire Dance Studio overcome the challenges of limited leads and low website traffic. By implementing a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that incorporated captivating video ads with lead forms, personalized creative, compelling copywriting, and an introductory offer, GenTech Marketing successfully generated traffic to the studio's business, increased lead volume, and paved the way for business growth. Fred Astaire Dance Studio's collaboration with GenTech Marketing proved instrumental in achieving their goals and solidifying their position as a premier dance studio in Fort Worth.

In addition to the successful implementation of digital advertising strategies, it is worth noting that the owners of Fred Astaire Dance Studio were impressed with the results achieved in Fort Worth. As a result, they entrusted GenTech Marketing with the opportunity to extend their services to 2 other studio locations. By choosing GenTech Marketing as their digital marketing partner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Fort Worth and their extended locations have positioned themselves for continued growth and success in the highly competitive dance industry.

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