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1 New Location, 120 Monthly Registrations, 667K Impressions in Just 3 Months: Bay Paws Pet Resort

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Bay Paws Pet Resort offers luxury boarding, daycare, and grooming services at multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area. With two locations in Ybor and Clearwater, Bay Paws aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for pets while their owners are away. However, they faced challenges in filling up their schedule, attracting recurring clients, and generating new business. To overcome these hurdles, Bay Paws partnered with GenTech Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in result-driven strategies.


Challenges Faced by Bay Paws Pet Resort

  1. Filling up their schedule: As a pet resort, Bay Paws Pet Resort faced the challenge of consistently filling up their schedule with bookings. Maximizing occupancy rates was crucial to maintaining a thriving business and ensuring that their facilities and staff were optimally utilized.

  2. Attracting recurring clients: Building strong relationships with clients and encouraging repeat visits was another challenge for Bay Paws. They needed to provide such an exceptional experience that pet owners would choose to bring their furry companions back time and time again. Retaining loyal, recurring clients was vital for the long-term success and stability of the business.

  3. Generating more business: Expanding the client base beyond their existing customer pool was a significant challenge for Bay Paws. They aimed to attract new pet owners who might not be aware of their services or who were considering alternative pet care options. Generating interest and capturing the attention of potential clients in a competitive market was crucial for business growth.

  4. Increasing lead generation: Bay Paws needed to find effective ways to generate leads and convert them into bookings. They faced the challenge of capturing the attention of potential customers, effectively communicating the value and benefits of their services, and convincing them to choose Bay Paws over other pet care providers. Increasing lead generation was essential for sustained business growth and success.

Addressing these challenges required a strategic and tailored approach to digital marketing. By partnering with GenTech Marketing, Bay Paws aimed to overcome these hurdles and implement effective solutions to boost their business and expand their client base.


GenTech Marketing's Solutions

GenTech Marketing proposed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address Bay Paws' challenges effectively.

The key solutions included:

  1. Social media and search paid ads: GenTech Marketing ran targeted advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to reach potential customers actively searching for pet care services. These platforms offered a vast user base and provided the ideal opportunity to engage with the target audience.

  2. Engagement campaign for Facebook and Instagram: GenTech Marketing developed engaging ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to capture the attention of pet owners. They utilized videos that had demonstrated high engagement on Facebook and TikTok to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns.

  3. Friendly and inviting copywriting: The ad copies used in the campaigns were carefully crafted to convey a friendly and inviting tone, resonating with pet owners and encouraging them to consider Bay Paws as their preferred pet care provider.

  4. Search campaign for Google: GenTech Marketing implemented a search campaign on Google, targeting relevant keywords related to pet hotels, grooming, and day care services. This approach ensured that Bay Paws appeared prominently in search results when potential clients were actively seeking pet care options.

  5. Increased website traffic: By directing users to Bay Paws' website through the search campaign and ads on social media platforms, GenTech Marketing aimed to increase traffic and visibility.


Results Achieved in Less Than 3 Months

Facebook and Instagram Ads

During the span of less than 3 months, GenTech Marketing's digital marketing strategies produced impressive results for Bay Paws Pet Resort. The Facebook and Instagram ads garnered remarkable outcomes, with a total ad spend of $5,000 resulting in 667,000 impressions, a cost per click of $0.17, and a click-through rate of 5.59%. The cost per engagement was as low as $0.02, demonstrating high user interaction with the ads. With an average of 30 new registrations per week for both locations, totaling in 120 new registrations per month, the campaign successfully attracted new leads for Bay Paws.

Google Ads

Simultaneously, the Google Ads search campaign proved effective. With a $5,000 ad spend, it generated 126,000 impressions, significantly increasing Bay Paws' visibility in relevant search results. The campaign yielded 769 conversions, representing potential clients who expressed interest in the services offered by Bay Paws. The cost per conversion stood at $6.62, demonstrating an efficient investment in driving service inquiries. The impressive conversion rate of 15% further solidified Bay Paws' position as a preferred pet care provider.

Overall, the results achieved through GenTech Marketing's Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads campaigns showcased the agency's ability to increase brand exposure, engagement, and lead generation for Bay Paws Pet Resort. These outcomes contributed to the growth of Bay Paws' client base, positioning them as a trusted and sought-after destination for pet care services in Ybor and Clearwater.



By leveraging GenTech Marketing's expertise and deploying a tailored digital marketing strategy, Bay Paws Pet Resort was able to overcome their challenges and achieve significant results in less than three months. The social media and search paid ads generated extensive impressions and high click-through rates, resulting in increased brand visibility and engagement. The strategic copywriting resonated with the target audience, and the search campaign on Google successfully drove traffic to Bay Paws' website, leading to a remarkable conversion rate.

Overall, Bay Paws witnessed a substantial increase in bookings, recurring clients, and brand recognition within a short period. Through their collaboration with GenTech Marketing, Bay Paws Pet Resort successfully positioned itself as a trusted and preferred destination for pet owners, offering top-notch pet care services in both Ybor and Clearwater, and with our help they are opening a new location in Trinity.

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