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How We Generate Qualified Solar Leads That Convert: Case Study


Florida Electric & Solar installs, maintains, and supports solar energy systems. Florida Electric & Solar is on a mission to empower everyone to get clean, affordable, and reliable energy from the sun. They are known for hiring the most qualified solar professionals in Florida, providing award-winning customer service, the highest efficiency solar panels available, and providing Tampa's best 30-year standard solar warranty.

Let’s face it, leads are the lifeblood of any business. Lead generation is one of the biggest problems that most solar installation companies face. It’s a rapidly expanding industry, and customers that want solar are definitely out there – but how do you find those solar leads? If you're in solar, NOW is the best time to get better, diversify your lead sources and set your company up for continued success! Don't wait until the market conditions make things more challenging.

Solar lead generation requires creating interest in your services, presenting your value proposition, and convincing solar energy leads to choose your business. Any marketer can generate leads, but not everybody can generate qualified leads, and most of the solar companies that depend on us for leads care way more about the quality than the quantity.

Qualified leads are our main focus and advantage over our competition. What makes a solar lead qualified? A qualified solar lead is any homeowner that has an electric bill over $150. This qualified lead is actually interested in going solar, contactable, and can offer a clear reason why they should talk to you.

Florida Electric & Solar reached out to GenTech Marketing to assist them in their mission to empower everyone to get clean, affordable, and reliable energy from the sun. Florida Electric & Solar's goals for working with GenTech Marketing are to increase lead generation, get qualified solar leads, and decrease their cost per lead.

The Process:

After meeting with Florida Electric & Solar and discussing their goals and objectives, GenTech Marketing decided to utilize Facebook Lead Form Ads. Facebook lead forms are a simple, streamlined way for people to sign up as a lead. Facebook lead form ads enables you to get a lead’s information without them ever leaving Facebook, making the sign-up process quick and easy.

Next we added questions to the Facebook lead form to obtain qualified solar leads. The standard fields—name, email, and phone number—will be autofilled by Facebook. This creates a more seamless signup experience. To obtain qualified leads, we also ask: if they are a homeowner, the cost of their last electric bill, their roof type and their full address.