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How Nirvana K9 Almost Tripled Their Revenue and Expanded Operations with GenTech's Paid Ads


Nirvana K9 Training, a Seattle-based dog training business, began its partnership with GenTech Marketing 5 months ago. At that time, the business was generating $9K per month in revenue. Their primary goals were to increase monthly revenue to $20K and onboard new trainers to expand their team. This case study delves into the challenges faced by Nirvana K9 Training, the innovative solutions provided by GenTech Marketing, and the remarkable results achieved within 5 months.


Challenges Faced by Nirvana K9 Training

Nirvana K9 Training, being a newly established business, faced several challenges. The owner, being very busy, had limited time to devote to marketing efforts. The business relied solely on organic marketing methods such as word-of-mouth and social media posts, which led to inconsistent lead flow and insufficient lead generation. This low lead flow from organic marketing resulted in slow growth. Additionally, the owner spent a significant amount of time managing organic marketing efforts, which could have been used to train more dogs or manage the business.


Solutions Implemented by GenTech Marketing

To address these challenges, GenTech Marketing implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused on paid advertising. We launched direct message (DM) ads on Instagram, targeting feeds, reels, and stories to engage potential customers. We split tested various ad copies and videos to determine the most effective messaging and content.

We created and used videos of the Nirvana K9 Training owner demonstrating dog training techniques. These videos performed well on Instagram and were integral to our ad strategy. Training videos were used as ads to showcase the expertise of Nirvana K9 Training. We used geo-targeting to focus on specific areas, initially targeting Seattle and later expanding to surrounding cities like Tacoma, Marysville, and Olympia.


Results in 5 Months

Our strategic approach yielded impressive results over a five-month period. With an ad spend of $9,000, we received 953 DMs and generating 953 leads, achieving a click-through rate of 1.5% and garnering 382K impressions. In May alone, deals closed amounted to $25K, allowing Nirvana K9 Training to reach and exceed their revenue goal of $20K/month within five months of working with GenTech Marketing.

Nirvana K9 Training not only hit their revenue goal of $25,000 per month, but also managed to fully book their services out for 4 months. This success enabled them to onboard 2 additional trainers, further expanding their team and business operations. Starting in Seattle, they successfully extended their reach to nearby cities, including Tacoma, Marysville, and Olympia.



By partnering with GenTech Marketing, Nirvana K9 Training transformed its marketing strategy and significantly increased its revenue and client base. By leveraging Instagram DM ads, engaging video content, and precise geo-targeting, we helped Nirvana K9 Training almost triple their monthly revenue and expand their operations.

Nirvana K9 Training not only met but exceeded its revenue goals, enabling the business to expand its team and reach new markets. The business saw a remarkable increase in leads, revenue, and market reach. This highlights the effectiveness of paid advertising in overcoming the limitations of organic marketing and achieving significant business milestones.


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