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What Makes Customers Spend More

How do you convince a customer to buy from you? Customers don’t always look for the cheapest price. They want the best deal, so the key is understanding what the customer really wants and turn that into the compelling offer. 

For example, your typical customer at a car wash just wants to wash their car. How can you ensure that they will choose one of your services?

For the first service, the first option is they wash and rinse the exterior of your car for $15. But if your vehicle is a bit dirtier, they add some new chemicals and some new shine to the exterior wash and they vacuum your interior for $25.

Now the customer is thinking for $10 more than a basic wash, you can get your car looking great for Saturday night. So this looks like the better deal.

They also remind you about your third option, the super detailing wax for $200. You decide not to go for that one because the price is too high if you just wanted to wash a little dirt off your car. 

So the customer will likely go for the service that’s in the middle, a wash and vacuum. And that’s the one they actually wanted to sell you from the start.


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