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Meet The Owner of Glam by G

"My name is Gabrielle, and I started Glam by G in 2020. I have been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and have always had a passion for makeup, skincare, and lash extensions."

Gabrielle has been dominating the beauty industry in Tampa and is starting her own product line very soon! When we asked her how did she get her business idea she said that she wanted to provide the top quality of lash extensions in the Tampa Bay Area, while providing a pleasing esthetic to her clients when they walk into her salon.

The services that she provides are: Lash Extensions


Brow Tinting, Waxing and Lamination

What has helped her scale her business has been Social Media and Yelp. She believes that hard work and constant education and practice is very important in being successful.

Gabrielle's goal next year is to open up a higher volume salon and grow her team. She also plans on starting her own classes where other artists can learn her craft.

What makes Glam by G unique is that it is one of the few lash salons that provides high quality work with top quality products.

We asked Gabrielle if she ever turned down a client, she said, "yes, due to a difference in ideals of appearance. Also due to time circumstances, I’ve had to let clients go when they do not respect my schedule."

Gabrielle's piece of advice to someone just starting out is that if you are passionate and hard working there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. Just keep your head down and work as hard as possible to achieve your goals.

If you wish to get a hold of Gabrielle you can DM her on her business account.


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