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How To Use Unique Social Media Sites To Your Advantage

When people think of social media marketing, usually the first sites that they would think of would include Instagram, FaceBook, and TikTok. But, there is so much more marketers can take advantage of in other apps, and may even expand their market by doing so. It is interesting to look into what we can do, and we will be looking at the unique features and additions marketers can use on Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.


Pinterest is an app used to share photos and inspiration on projects, styles, and pretty much anything you could think of. Users can pin thoughts and ideas they find interesting and can separate the pins through certain boards.

One feature of Pinterest that not many people are aware of is their visual search feature, where you can buy things you see in a photo that you like. The app automatically prices and gives users a link to the website they can purchase the material on. This could help companies grow if they post their tangible features on places like Pinterest, and set up links to their website, that way it does not leave customers wondering about their products, and allows them to buy them on the spot. Not only does this make this a one-stop shop for customers, but could be a major advantage for businesses.

Another feature I wanted to mention is the browser extension they offer which allows customers to do a reverse image search and bring up what Pinterest would find. This allows the customer to look at other options and see what kind of style of product they like. This makes for a major convenience factor for the customer and gives them the freedom to decide how they want their product.

In my opinion, it is imperative companies begin to advertise their products on Pinterest and get to putting specific boards and styles together to inspire potential customers. Not only does this create ease for the customer, but it could also open new doors for potential markets.


Snapchat is a social media platform that many marketers wouldn't think of using for their business because it is branded as a very personal base. It is an app that allows you to send photos to your friends, and the premise is that they disappear after you open them. But, I think it is important to mention that just like Pinterest, there are a variety of hidden features that many marketers do not know about, and could ultimately be used to the firm's advantage.