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How to Use Pinterest for Business

What do you use Pinterest for? Would you believe me if I told you that Pinterest is a TOP search engine?

Pinterest is now the 3rd largest social media platform in the United States! Yes, that's correct, THIRD! This makes Pinterest a great tool to help increase and drive traffic to your website, blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Pinterest has a large, motivated user base of people who are actively searching for inspirations and solutions to problems everyday. It’s not just another social media platform, it's a search engine.

We believe that many businesses overlook Pinterest when optimizing their content! With an increasing number of users, Pinterest SEO is becoming essential for digital marketers to master.

Pinterest is a discovery engine that attracts two billion searches every month. So your target audience is most likely using it! People use Pinterest to search for everything from inspiration, instructions, products, and more. Advertisers can capitalize on that search intent to target their ads!

Pinterest is a platform users go to when they want to be better and learn something, it is for aspiring and dreaming! Pinterest is a search engine for ideas, in contrast to Google, people use Pinterest because they are interested in visual search.

Pinterest offers businesses of all sizes a unique way to market themselves, as a visual search engine. This is a great tool for exposing new potential customers to your brand. There is power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales for your business!

Here are 4 Steps to Start Driving Traffic and Sales with Pinterest

Sign up for Pinterest with a business profile. This will allow you to have access to Pinterest analytics which reveals important information about your account and your pins’ behavior.

Create pins and organize them in boards using relevant keywords. The boards you create should cover each of your interests, such as a 'Social Media Marketing Board.' A board is an organized collection of related pins, for easier discoverability. Having boards is a necessary component for a good user experience on Pinterest.

Create pin-worthy images, and use those images to link out to original content on your website, blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. One of the easiest ways to drive traffic back to your website is by creating unique, original content specifically for Pinterest, and then using that pin to link back to your website, blog post, Youtube, or social media pages.

Pro Tip: Follow similar brands for content inspiration, as well as opportunities to re-pin images that align with your brand. With Pinterest, each pin you save doesn't have to be original branded content. Instead, one easy opportunity to increase engagement is to re-pin images that align with your brand to share with your own followers.

In Conclusion,

Creating a successful Pinterest strategy takes work and dedication, but if you find Pinterest is a popular social platform with your target audience, it's likely worth the time and effort it takes to grow your following, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that's going to be around for a long time!

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