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Generating Downsize Real Estate Leads

I will breakdown our Facebook Ad and Landing page strategy that has been helping our real estate clients generate real estate leads that are looking to Downsize.

Facebook Ad

Headline: Time To Downsize, But Unsure How?

Text: Time to downsize? I've created a list of available properties in the surrounding areas that might work better!

CLICK THE LINK to get access

Link Description: Are you looking to downsize from your current home? Let's find you a more manageable place to live.

Call To Action: Learn More

Ad Targeting: Broad range of local area and Male/Female over 55

Landing Page

Headline: Looking for a More Manageable Home?

Sub-Headline: Get the FREE list of available single story properties in the surrounding areas. Click below to get free access to the list

Call To Action: Get The List!


Getting real estate leads with Facebook ads is simple. There is no need to pay real estate websites or wait for referrals. This is your opportunity to be in charge of your growth!

We have helped generated of 200,000 leads for over 100 real estate agents.

It's also very important to build your brand on Instagram. How great would it be if you called a lead or you were at a networking event and people said "Hey, I know you! I've seen you on Instagram"? That will make your close much easier because you don't have to worry about building your credibility.

If you are ready to taking your Real Estate Business to the next level, I want to help you by offering you a full month of our Instagram service for free.

Click the link below to sign up


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