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Gentech Marketing

ATTENTION: Business Owners Struggling To Run Profitable Ads...

8 Figure Advertising Company Is Helping Business Owners & Ecom Store Owners Run Profitable Ads While Scaling To 6 & 7 Figures... SEE If We're A Good Fit

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Since 2015, we've helped manage over $5M in paid ads and in return creating over $33M in online store sales and lead generation for hundreds of business owners and eCommerce brands…


That's a 380% Average Return On Ads!


After scaling over hundreds 6 and 7 figure businesses, we've been published in major news outlets around the world for the MASSIVE success our clients and we have had with paid ads...


And with the ever-changing landscape of paid ads across various niches and platforms, we are always discovering battle tested strategies that result in a max ROI and consistent growth for ALL the companies we work with.


Are you ready to start running ads that actually SELL?

GenTech Marketing has Sold Over 8 FIGURES Worth of Products & Services With Paid Ads Alone and Now You Can Have Us Run Your Ads For You... BUT Only If You Qualify:

The articles you see below are just a few of the features we've received thanks to our success running successful advertising campaigns for hundreds of clients:

On top of all this media coverage we've received...

We were also nominated as a local and national leader in Digital Marketing by Upcity!

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Here's a eCom brand that we helped scale to 6 figures a month!

What Makes Us A Top Digital Agency

Here's a popular vacuum company that we doubled their revenue to over $500,000 a month

We generate over 2,000 commercial refinancing leads a month for a client

And we are going to give your business the opportunity to partner alongside our team who were responsible for these INSANE results, because...

The truth is, running effective ads for your business can be very profitable...

In fact, your business can grow MUCH faster than ever before...

By getting the ability to partner with a team that practices what they preach after scaling 100+ companies with paid ads alone.

Getting 4X, sometimes even 10X back on every dollar you spend.

Or maybe even more, when using a PROVEN formula that's generated over 8 FIGURES...

Why spend thousands $$$ and countless hours 'testing' things that might work when you can simply Copy & Paste ads that are currently working?

We've spent over $3M in the past 2 years alone on social media ads testing everything to crack the code...


Testing image after image.


Video after video.

Audience after audience.

And let us tell just say...

It is NOT easy.

Days where we didn't get a single customer.


There were nights we couldn't sleep.


Times where we wanted to just stop because nothing was working...


Times when we doubted our business, and wondered if we were ever destined to 'make it'.


we went through all of this stress...


So other business owners don't EVER have to.


AND... once we perfected a PROVEN formula to running profitable ads online over the past 5 years... it became a piece of cake.

That's when our clients started to see results like these:

"You guys cracked the code" Our client is signing over 100 health policies a day from the Facebook Ads

"We knew it was something we couldn't do without their help. Our social media speaks for itself."

"My sales have been boosted with Facebook Ads!"

"It has 10x my business"

We took a store from 1k a month to over 100k a month.

"Ever since I started running Ads with GenTech Marketing I've seen a 25X ROAS."

And Our Proven Ad Tactics Have Worked In Many Niches and Verticals Such As:

✅ E-Commerce

✅ Local/Brick N' Mortar

✅ Real Estate

✅ Social Media Marketing/PR

✅ Insurance

✅ Professional Services

✅ Business-To-Business

✅ Coaching

✅ Health/Fitness/Sports

✅ Finance/Trading

✅ Artists/Musicians

✅ Influencers/Personal Branding

✅ SaaS

AND... even MORE!

Are You Ready To Scale Your Business With Paid Ads?

✅  You Have Over 250+ Customers
✅  You Can Commit To $50+ a Day In Ad Spend

✅  You're Committed To Building An Empire

IMPORTANT: We can only take on 8-10 new clients every month and we carefully select who we can work with to make sure we can 100% deliver results. WE DO NO WORK WITH JUST ANYONE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What results can you expect when working with GenTech Marketing?

We get this question a lot but as long as you have prior sales, social proof, and a proven business model we can use our proven Paid Ad Campaign Structure to bring your business more leads, sales, and decrease your ad costs.

What do I need to work with GenTech Marketing?

We work with businesses of all sizes, but in order to start with us, we would first need to know more about your business, your costs, and current performance of ads which we can go over on the phone with you when you book your call.

Who is GenTech Marketing and what results have they gotten before?

Over the past 5 years, GenTech Marketing has scaled 100+ 6 and 7 figure businesses that we still work with to this very day and have generated our clients well over 8 Figures from their Paid Ad Campaigns alone.

What If I'm in a niche GenTech Marketing hasn't worked with before?

After working with various niches and verticals from Ecom, Health, Fitness, Coaching, Consulting, Beauty, Decor, Home, Real Estate, Local Businesses, Service Based Businesses, Course Creators and Many More B2B/B2C Businesses... We Are Confident In Our Paid Ads Campaign Structure and Have Seen This Work Across SO Many Niches and Verticals That We Know No Matter What Business You Run, We Can Improve The Performance of Your Paid Ads!

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