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Don't have the time to grow your Instagram?

Partner with us for your business or personal Instagram account and let us do all the work for you. Our experienced team will engage with your target audience, build your credibility, form relationships, and drive traffic to your Instagram, scaling your social footprint.

What Can You Expect


Grow Your Brand/Business


Generate More Leads & Sales


Automate The Process


Build Credibility


How It Works

We believe in transparency and growth through consistent action. Once you have signed up, we take care of the growth!

Everything is handled by our team so your only job is to sit back, watch your growth, and connect with the new followers that are interested in you and your business.

Testimonial By Joe (Loan Officer)


Instagram Growth For Everyone


Grow your business or personal brand using our PROVEN Instagram growth strategy 


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I will be PERSONALLY helping you OPTIMIZE your Instagram account and target your audience AUTOMATICALLY

We are the only marketing company that has proven to be able to GROW YOUR BUSINESS using Instagram!




From the GenTech Marketing Founders,

Amel Kilic & Christian Jamal


"There is a big difference between growing your Instagram and g rowing  your business using Instagram. We focus on only targeting users who are interested in your product or service. This mindset has allowed us to help over 450 businesses grow using our Instagram strategy!"


- Amel Kilic & Christian Jamal


Don't Just Take Our Word For It.. 

See What Others Are Saying About Their Experience!


- Joe Spencer

Instagram was taking up a lot of my time. GenTech has taken over that task for me, allowing me to focus on other parts of my business.


I have used an Instagram marketing company in the past and had a horrible experience. With Gentech, they take the time to learn about your business and your goals, allowing them to prime your targeting. All of the traffic they generated was my target audience.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 8.44.56 PM.png

- Bonnie J Heath

Gentech has directly increased my revenue last year by $18,000. Their Service allows me to grow my awareness and generate more real estate leads.

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How Can We Grow Your Business With Instagram

With our advanced targeting options, we drive targeted traffic to your business.

Find users who want what you offer.

Target Your Audience

Our personalized targeting options allow you to target the exact users that you're after through competitors, hashtags, and location tags so that you receive the most relevant traffic

100% Organic and Real

Scale Your Activity

Increase your business awareness and trust as you sit back and we grow your account organically. We consistently engage with your target audience, increasing your exposure

Generate more traffic and leads

Grow Your Followers & Business

Generate leads and traffic to your website/landing page with your customized direct message that gets sent to your new followers or through the link in your bio