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Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Nowadays there are dozens of apps to track WHO unfollowed you, but do you ever wonder WHY they unfollowed you? I wish there was an app to tell me that! Instead, I will be covering the top reasons brands lose followers on Instagram.

Not Posting Enough or Posting Too Much

When it comes to posting on Instagram, it is all about balance. As a brand, you want to post enough to reach your target audience and be present in their minds. However, you do not want to post too much that your audience is overwhelmed with the amount of your content on their timeline.

Instagram stories are a great marketing tool that you can utilize and post daily to remain active and sharing. When it comes to posting on the Instagram feed, start by sharing only 2-3 times a week. This number can increase based on how your audience is responding to posts. If the posts have a lot of activity, then increase the amount of feed posts per week.

Too Much Sales Content

One of the most common reasons why brands lose followers is because their content is too focused on selling their audience. Like I said, it is all about balance. In addition to posting about your product and/or service, you should also be posting content that builds community, invites conversation and reflects your brand's mission and values. Another great way to add balance is to try to make your audience laugh! Funny content such as memes or gifs are extremely effective for gaining followers, shares and engagement on your posts.

Bot Followers

Instagram bots are services that allow a company to acquire followers quickly and easily onto their Instagram profile. While it's tempting to use Instagram bots to give the impression of a strong following, in the long run they will negatively affect your brand's account. Instagram bots cannot replace real human interaction with their automation and they violate Instagram’s terms of use so Instagram is working to eliminate these accounts.

So instead of buying bot followers, invest in your brand’s Instagram!!! Focus on building up your followers list organically by posting shareable content consistently that is valuable to your target audience.

Audience’s Tastes have Changed but Your Account has Not

Most of us begin following an account on Instagram because we’re excited about their content. But, over the years, we either get bored by their content, find other accounts that offer better similar content or our interests change and we unfollow them.

To overcome this challenge, start by testing new types of content that still align with you as a brand but aims to engage with the audience you have as well as attract a new audience. Every week test new content and measure the analytics. When you find out which content has the highest reach, and post more of that content. Your Instagram strategy should be steered by what your data is telling you. As a brand, you have to grow with your audience and constantly rejuvenate your content!

No Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on Instagram. To become consistent as a brand, create a content calendar and follow it religiously. By sticking to your posting schedule, you’re essentially letting your current and potential followers know that they can count on you. Set aside a ‘planning day’ at the beginning of the month to come up with ideas, create content and plan out your feed posts in advance.

To increase engagement remain consistent because posting content that your audience expects and wants from you will encourage those interactions. The content you share on Instagram should look, feel, and sound like your website. And I’m not saying to be predictable with your content. Just be consistent.


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