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What Is Customer Journey Mapping and Why Is It Important For Businesses

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Being able to fully understand the minds of consumers can be challenging but if a business can do so it will have a competitive edge over its competition.

The goal for a business is to be the obvious choice for its target audience over its competitors. Although, the problem most businesses face is not making sure their customers are aware of their product or service, but that they actually decide to make a purchase.

Often businesses are losing their customers in the marketing funnel. The customers may know about your brand, know what they can gain from you, and express interest, but fail to go through with the purchase.

How can businesses ease this hesitation that potential customers have before deciding to make a purchase? They can create a customer journey map.

Businesses should be creating customer journey maps from the beginning, even when the customer is a complete stranger to your brand. If created accurately, customer journey maps can answer questions about consumers, help set up a definite plan of action, and serve as a unified source of information for your marketing team to refer to.

Here we will explain what customer journey mapping is, why it is an important step all businesses should take, and how to create one that is beneficial to a company:

What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the steps a customer takes from discovering a product or service to making a purchase, and beyond. It is the end-to-end purchasing process for a consumer. The process starts with the first customer-to-business interaction through the post-purchase of the product or service.

At the end of the day, the customer is trying to achieve their goal, making a valuable purchase decision based on their interaction with a brand. For businesses, it allows companies to map out the customer's journey, identify pain points and potential areas for improvement, and provide a better experience for their customers.

The easier the process is for the consumer, the better the overall experience will be for the consumer. Customer journey mapping is exactly its name, it is mapping out the best path for a customer to take on their purchasing journey.

Why Customer Journey Mapping Is Important For a Business

A customer journey map will expose the pain points that a consumer hits when making their way through the journey. These three pain points are what make up the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, and conversion). By being able to identify these pain points, you will be able to enhance and improve the process for your customers.

For example, when a customer is in the consideration stage they may go to your website to find more information about your product or service. If they reach your website but are having a difficult time finding the tab that includes all the information about your product or service, they may become frustrated, give up, and go to one of your competitors to satisfy their needs.

If a business can determine that your customer is frustrated by this, then you can rearrange your website to make the important information more accessible to find.

Instead of having to make assumptions about how to motivate your customers through the purchasing process, mapping puts the customer and their needs first. It is important to understand that the customer journey is not simple.

The journey begins when they see an ad, to interacting with a sales representative, then when they’re attempting to check out. That is why each step they make along the journey will affect their purchasing decision. Marketing teams should be making a visual customer journey plan that each person can strategically plan with and refer to.

How To Create A Customer Journey Map

Business leaders can showcase their desired customer journey from a post-it-note, to a company email, to a whiteboard in the office. It does not matter how you choose to de