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Ultimate Guide for Starting an Online Coaching Business

Have you done something that others want to learn how to do? Then you can become a coach, it is that simple!

If you understand the basic principles that go into a business, you already have the foundation to start coaching. As a coach you want to meet your clients where they are, online. Now more than ever, online coaching is more flexible and profitable than any other coaching space!

The online coaching marketing is quickly growing and you are going to want to stand out from the rest!

Here is GenTech’s ultimate guide for starting an online coaching business:

Why Online Coaching?

There is plenty of benefits of starting an online coaching business. Find your ‘whys’ and start your business.

  1. Profitability. By offering coaching programs online you will be able to expand your pool of customers. By regularly being able to fill up your schedule you will be able to increase rates on a daily basis.

  2. Scalable. By providing online coaches services, you can offer more group sessions allowing your business to grow. In person coaching is less scalable because it tends to be more one-on-one. A full schedule can be a sign to offer more for your customers through strong time management and expansion.

  3. Income. Online coaching has the potential to provide massive income. If you have the capabilities to create and record a program for people to use on their own time, you can attract thousands of more clients. The program can be sold as an active online course that can reach people all over the world.

How to Start an Online Coaching Business

It is essential to have a strategic business plan to kick start your online coaching. These are some basic steps that you must take.

  1. Set clear goals. Prior to beginning your coaching journey you should sit down and plan out your goals. What impact do you want to have on your customers? What is your target income? Will you be doing this full time or part-time?

  2. Differentiating in the market. Who is your target customer? How will you stand out compared to other coaches? What do you offer your customers that nobody else does?

  3. Create and price your program. Put together a unique, but effective, program. Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and formulate your program that focuses around your niche. This program needs to turn into tangible client results. What was your valuable program worth to them? It is important to price accordingly.

  4. Develop front-end products. Try adding more value to your signature online program by creating e-books or shorter courses. It allows clients to get a glimpse of what you can offer them before they decide to purchase your signature program. This will gain customer trust and help seal the deal.