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The System On How To Turn 6 Figures Into 7 In Revenue

Have you seen the popular TV show ‘Shark Tank’? If you haven’t yet, there’s a lot you can learn from it. For example, how to turn 6 figures into 7 for your business. This business reality show will teach you about business, investing, growing your business and more. You can think of it like ‘America’s Got Talent’ for doing business: entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in hopes of winning big investments for their companies.

You’ll see many success stories, and you’ll also see some millionaire wannabes too. You’ll even see people come back on the show, having previously failed. 

Whether you’re a small or mid-to-large size business, you will walk away with loads of value. Since these are real deals, made in real life, you’ll know exactly what will work and what won’t in the market.

People will be willing to invest in your products or services if they buy into what you believe in. It takes a smart plan to convince a lot of people to open up their wallets. 

If you want to know how to scale your way to a 7 figure business, you can follow lessons from ‘Shark Tank’ winners. These lessons will save you from costly mistakes, and guide you towards the right track with your revenue.

What differentiates every entrepreneur is the system they follow in their business. Those who are likely to win have done diligent research beforehand. It is their system that enables them to get to where they are, all within an impressive timeframe.

You too can follow a similar system on how to turn 6 figures into 7 in revenue and grow your business:

1. Position Yourself as a 7 Figure Earner

What got you to 6 figures won’t get you to 7 figures. To reach that level, you’ll have to position yourself as who you want to become.

Here’s a secret: you don’t have to hustle your way to 7 figures to grow your business. 

What you need to do instead is to focus on your time better. Your time is more valuable. Since you only have 24 hours each day, it’s impossible to hustle harder to reach where you want to be. 

You should spend your time bringing more value and impact to your audience; then you will position yourself as a go-to expert in your industry. 

If you can position yourself, sales will happen a lot faster. This will also help you stand out from your competition. 

While on your way to 6 figures, you were testing out the waters of your new business. Now that you know what’s been working, it’s time to share your growth. 

This means that, by now, you should have more credibility and social proof. That’s enough to know that people enjoy your products or services. The next step, then, is reaching new customers. 

Positioning helps with doing this. Even if you’re doing social media marketing, your positioning will expand your reach a lot faster. You’ll even get more people referring to you, as well as more recurring customers.

The biggest benefit is that people start coming to you, instead of you having to chase them in a cold market. You’ll be able to see the difference in opportunities. 

2. Improve Your Marketing to Grow Your Business

f you’re a good marketer, you can pretty much get anything you want for your business. You can find out how to turn 6 figures into 7 by getting more exposure.