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The Power of LinkedIn Creator Mode

Are you leveraging the power of LinkedIn? The power of LinkedIn can be incredible, especially if you're a creator!

Now more than ever before, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a valuable social media platform for business professionals to connect, network, and grow!

From building connections and partnerships to generating conversions and increasing your brand awareness, LinkedIn is an asset for your digital marketing strategy. LinkedIn differentiates itself from other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter), because it is a professional networking site designed to establish and strengthen your business relationships.

LinkedIn helps users continue to stay up-to-date in the industry that they are passionate about. It is a powerful platform that can help you plan out your career path, build a professional network, and establish your digital footprint! Brands are taking advantage of the organic growth that LinkedIn is providing.

Change is Happening

Being an avid LinkedIn user, I am seeing many changes and trends that are happening! Users are posting and being active more than ever before on LinkedIn, along with additional changes in the platform.

The trend I am seeing is that people are starting to use LinkedIn similarly to how people use Facebook. Users are now sharing pictures, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with their connections! As well as posting more frequently and casually. So my trend analysis conclusion is that LinkedIn is becoming more casual!

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Here are the recent LinkedIn updates that are contributing to the growth!

Creator Mode

More than 10 million people have activated LinkedIn’s Creator Mode. Creator Mode is a profile setting on LinkedIn that can help you grow your reach and influence! This setting gives users access to content creation and live streaming tools, including LinkedIn Live and creator analytics. Turning on Creator Mode also lets your audience know that your profile is a source for inspiring content, helping you gain followers.

LinkedIn is looking to help creators build their audience, both on and off the platform. They developed a new way to share a quick link to your LinkedIn profile that can be embedded on websites and blogs, or forwarded in emails. Additionally, LinkedIn will now automatically add a user as a follower if they send a connection request to a user who has Creator Mode turned on.

Recently, LinkedIn expanded its creator tool offerings by debuting audio events and profile enhancements. This change is pivoting the professional networking platform into the creator economy. LinkedIn is using these updates to attract more content creators to their app and increase their marketing efforts!

Audio Events

LinkedIn is now expanding audio-only live events to all users who have Creator Mode turned on. These live audio events give users the ability to schedule and host discussions, interviews, and other conversations! This addition to LinkedIn is designed to draw more creators to its platform.

The creators on LinkedIn can schedule their audio events in advance and share the upcoming talks with their network. This will allow creators to effectively connect with potential clients and reach new followers.

To improve the LinkedIn experience for everyone, the social media platform has added real-time captions to audio events. Audio Events are a great way for creators to authentically connect with their community.

Improved Search Results

LinkedIn has made changes to its search and discovery functions. People using the professional networking site will now be able to see news, topics and trends from their connections, as well as relevant posts from other creators outside their network.

Again, another function to increase the reach, engagement, and visibility of users on LinkedIn! Users will be able to find quality content relevant to their search from experts and like-minded professionals anywhere on the LinkedIn network. These improved search results will increase the likelihood of your posts being engaged with.

In Conclusion

The expansion comes as LinkedIn has significantly ramped up its efforts to become a more creator-centric platform! Learn more about the profitability of content creators in this blog.


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