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Revolutionizing Sustainable Fashion Retail: The Power of American Eagle and Snapchat Partnership

As a digital marketing agency, we know the importance of staying ahead of the curve and incorporating the latest technology into our strategies. That's why we're excited to see American Eagle's latest partnership with Snapchat and their innovative use of augmented reality to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

By making sustainable fashion more accessible and utilizing cutting-edge technology, American Eagle is setting a new standard for online shopping. Join us as we dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and explore how incorporating new technology can enhance your brand's digital marketing efforts.

The Overview

Are you tired of scouring through thrift stores and online marketplaces for unique, sustainable fashion finds? Look no further than American Eagle's latest venture - a secondhand clothing shop on Snapchat! The beloved clothing brand has teamed up with the social media platform to offer a curated selection of pre-loved pieces, making sustainable fashion more accessible than ever before. By utilizing Snapchat's innovative augmented reality features, American Eagle is changing the game when it comes to online shopping, allowing customers to try on clothing virtually and seamlessly purchase items with just a few clicks.

The Breakdown

American Eagle's latest partnership with ThredUP is making waves in the fashion industry by tapping into the growing interest in circular fashion and sustainability. By catering to the values and priorities of the Gen Z demographic, American Eagle is setting itself apart as a brand that not only prioritizes style but also ethical and environmental considerations. With research showing that 83% of Gen Zers are already purchasing or willing to purchase second hand garments, the collaboration with ThredUP is a smart move that is sure to resonate with the brand's target audience.

RE/AE's partnership with thredUP is a game-changer for sustainable fashion and circular economy. The shop offers consumers the unique opportunity to filter items by their pre-owned or vintage status, giving shoppers a chance to score truly one-of-a-kind pieces that have a story and history of their own. The fact that some finds date back to the 80s only adds to the appeal, making the shop a treasure trove of unique and stylish vintage pieces. The price range for the inaugural collection is also a major selling point, with items ranging from just $10 to $40. This affordable price point aligns with typical resale prices and is sure to attract a broad range of consumers looking for high-quality items at an affordable price. With other major retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap utilizing ThredUP's Resale-as-a-Service offering, it's clear that the trend towards sustainable fashion and secondhand shopping is only growing stronger.

The addition of Snapchat's AR lens to American Eagle's secondhand clothing shop takes the shopping experience to a whole new level. By leveraging the power of augmented reality, customers can now virtually try on clothing items and browse through a wide range of sustainable fashion options. With just a few clicks, customers can seamlessly purchase items they love and feel good about their sustainable fashion choices.

But the AR lens doesn't stop there - American Eagle has also incorporated an educational aspect to the experience by providing sustainability information throughout the browsing process. This commitment to educating consumers on sustainable fashion further cements American Eagle's dedication to promoting circular fashion and reducing waste in the fashion industry. The success of American Eagle's previous AR campaigns on Snapchat, which generated over $2 million in revenue, makes it clear that the integration of AR technology into the secondhand clothing shop is sure to be a hit with consumers.

American Eagle's partnership with ThredUp and the launch of their secondhand clothing shop on Snapchat is a testament to their commitment to promoting sustainable fashion and reducing waste in the fashion industry. This initiative aligns perfectly with their previously stated goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and shows that the brand is taking meaningful steps to achieve this goal. In today's climate-conscious world, it's becoming increasingly important for companies to communicate their values and sustainability efforts to consumers. American Eagle's partnership with ThredUp not only offers customers a unique and sustainable shopping experience but also sends a powerful message about the brand's commitment to a more sustainable future. As other companies like Heinz have shown, incorporating sustainable fashion into brand messaging can be a powerful way to connect with consumers and support meaningful causes.

American Eagle's strategic approach of collaborating with different brands and exploring new technologies has enabled it to stay relevant among younger audiences. The partnership with ThredUp and the launch of the secondhand clothing shop on Snapchat is yet another example of the brand's ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences. American Eagle's success in engaging with Gen Z consumers can be attributed to its willingness to experiment with different platforms and formats. As the retail industry continues to evolve, American Eagle's focus on sustainability and innovation will likely continue to drive its success.

What This Means for the Future of Digital Marketing

The impact of this campaign goes beyond just sustainable fashion and augmented reality, however. It highlights the importance of staying ahead of the curve in digital marketing, using technology to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, brands must adapt and innovate to keep up with changing consumer behaviors and expectations. American Eagle's collaboration with Snapchat is a prime example of this, demonstrating how technology can be leveraged to create a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience that customers will keep coming back to.

As a digital marketing agency, keeping up with the latest developments, like American Eagle's new campaign with Snapchat, not only helps us to stay relevant but also enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. By paying attention to campaigns like American Eagle's partnership with ThredUp and Snapchat, we can gain insights into what works and what doesn't when it comes to reaching and engaging customers online. This information can be used to inform our own strategies and ensure that we are providing the best possible services to our clients.


American Eagle's new campaign with Snapchat is a powerful example of how brands can use innovative technology and strategic partnerships to stay ahead in the digital marketing game. By tapping into the demand for sustainable fashion and leveraging the power of augmented reality, American Eagle is not only providing a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers but also setting the standard for what's possible in the industry. As a digital marketing agency, we should pay close attention to this campaign and others like it to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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