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Photography for Content Creation in 2021

Today I am going to tell you everything you need to know if you are interested in getting into the field of photography. You'll learn exactly how cameras work, what camera you should buy, and what lenses you should buy with it.

Before I tell you what camera to go buy let's have a quick lesson on how cameras work and learn the word lingo. If you're already a camera whiz and know everything there is to know about cameras scroll down to where it says, "SKIP TO HERE IF YOU'RE A GENIUS AND ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT CAMERAS."

The first thing you will need to understand about cameras and their lenses are their focal lengths.

Focal Lengths

The number of "mm" designates what level of zoom a lens has.

For example,

an 18mm lens is really wide,

50mm is like what you see with your naked eye (minus the depth of field)

and 200mm is like a telescope.

There are two types of lenses, Primes, and Zooms. Prime lenses are constantly at the same fixed focal length, 35mm for example. Zoom lenses operate within a certain range of focal lengths for example like 55-200mm. Prime lenses generally take much higher quality photos than zooms when comparing cheap primes with cheap zooms. Expensive zooms can be very good and can to a certain extent eliminate the need to carry around several primes.

Aperture / f-stop

The lower the "f" number, the better (and generally more expensive) a lens gets. This is because a lower f-stop allows for a wider depth of field which allows for more light to reach the camera's sensor.