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Overcoming Any Business Obstacles: Case Study

Updated: Jul 26, 2022


B3 Bets is a leading sports consultancy created by two full-time sports analysts in August 2020. The two founders have over 20 years of combined experience in sports betting. The founders decided to launch B3 Bets simply because it is more fun to win with a team than it is to win alone!

B3 Bets came to GenTech Marketing to help them run ads without getting restricted, increase lead generation and improve reach on Instagram and Facebook. With GenTech Marketing being the industry leaders in generating leads through Instagram and Facebook ads, B3 Bets reached out to us!

The Process:

As a sports consulting agency, B3 Bets has dealt with several issues when running paid ads on social media due to ad restrictions. Facebook understands that B3 Bets is associated with sports betting so they restrict them from running paid ads. The Facebook & Instagram Real Money Gambling Policy states: "Adverts that promote or facilitate online real money gambling are only allowed with prior written permission". The authorized adverts must still follow all applicable laws, including targeting their ads in accordance with legal requirements. Therefore, there are many challenges with simply running ads for this type of industry.

We used a unique strategy for B3 Bets that allows for paid ads to be approved on Facebook and Instagram. We utilized Facebook and Instagram ads to increase lead generation and improve conversions for B3 Bets. Facebook and Instagram ads are a very powerful tool because they exchange money for attention.

We utilized conversion based Facebook and Instagram ads and our mission was to have active ads under the strict guidelines. By advertising across both platforms, B3 Bets will have more opportunity to reach their target audience. GenTech Marketing optimizes their ads by creating ads that are relevant to users and then perfecting these ads informed by data collected through A/B tests and user testing. The strategy we use in our Facebook and Instagram ads is a good quality video or image that calls out the audience with an offer, a hook, and a call to action (CTA)!

We also utilized retargeting campaigns on Instagram and Facebook that are designed to increase brand awareness and conversions by reaching consumers who have previously shown a direct interest in B3 Bets. Retargeting provides additional points of contact with your brand, increasing the likelihood that those people who know you will convert. Retargeting is not only a crucial step in getting your brand noticed online, but in getting sales!

To accomplish these goals, GenTech Marketing utilized Facebook and Instagram targeted ads that reached cold audiences, as well as retargeting audiences, to show their ads to the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time!

​​The Results:

For the past 2 months, the Facebook ads and Instagram ads run through GenTech Marketing have remained active for B3 Bets. In 1 month, the messaging campaign generated 166 message conversions and the website campaign generated 277 website link clicks. The cost per link click was only $1.19 and the cost per messaging conversion was $6.50.

In the last 30 days, the ads ran for B3 Bets have reached a total of 57,736 users on Instagram and Facebook a total of 110,838 times. This means that the target audience of B3 Bets is viewing their content multiple times through our retargeting campaigns. We have also reached our goal of keeping all ads active for the past 2 months on Instagram and Facebook as well as increasing lead generation for our client.

We specialize in generating leads and are the best of the best, other marketing agencies refer their clients to us when looking for effective lead generation. GenTech Marketing is a results driven agency. When we say ‘result driven’, we’re talking about an agency that: has systems in place to monitor the websites and other deliverables it creates, knows how to gauge success and respond to downward trends, and has a proven track record of successful execution.

As a results focused marketing agency, we are dedicated to growing sales, leads and overcoming any business plateaus! And that is exactly what we did. If you’re someone who wants to lower their cost per lead and take their business to the next level, we specialize in generating leads for clients at a price well below industry standard!

Get Started Today:

Working with GenTech Marketing, the best marketing agency in Tampa, Florida, we always go above and beyond for our clients to make sure you are getting the highest return on investment. We will never recommend a service that is not worthy of your investment. We consider your business as if it was our own. Having been in the industry for 7 years, we know what works and what doesn't. Our experts are able to advise you on the strategies that we have found to work for other businesses in your industry so that you are not wasting your time and money with "testing".

If you have been thinking about growing your business, but aren't sure where to start, let's hop on a 30 minute discovery call! This is a no pressure call to go over your current strategies and your goals. The worst that can happen is that you learn some new marketing strategies and implement them yourselves, but the upside is that we are a good fit and we can scale your business and help you reach your business goals!

Click here to schedule a call today. We are excited to speak with you!


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