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One Of The Best Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Reach

Influencer marketing can be used to achieve a number of organizational goals. You can use it to raise brand and product awareness, you can use it to build better relationships with your target audience, and you can use it to drive more sales. And one of the most effective uses of influencer marketing is in expanding your brand’s reach due to the fact that influencers have thousands of loyal and relevant followers.

It’s especially effective since more and more people are starting to block ads on their browsers. According to PageFair, there was a 30 percent increase in the number of people using adblock between 2015 and 2016. At the same time, your ability to achieve this goal depends on which types of campaigns you execute and how well you execute them.

Your choice of influencers matters.

The most crucial step is to work with the right influencers. Since the goal is to increase your reach, it’s only natural that you’d want to work with influencers who have massive reach.

However, you should first focus on their relevance to your brand, industry, and campaign. Even if the influencer is able to reach a million followers, it won’t really matter much if most of those followers aren’t even interested in your product.

Try to look for influencers in the relevant niche and then filter them based on the number of followers they have.

Execute the right type of campaign.

In addition to your choice of influencers, your choice of campaign also has a huge impact on your ability to increase brand reach. There are several types of influencer marketing campaigns that are especially effective:

  1. Sponsored posts: This type of campaign involves an influencer creating content about your brand, product, and/or service. It works for increasing brand reach because the influencer introduces your brand to a new audience. They help educate this new audience about the quality of your products or how your product can be implemented in their daily lives. In other words, they acquaint your brand with a new audience. If the influencer is highly relevant for your brand and has massive reach, there’s a good chance this type of campaign will yield impressive results.

  2. Branded content co-creation: This is when you create branded content with the help or involvement of influencers like Sprint recently did with their #LiveUnlimited campaign. The content you create could be anything from an ad to a blog post. Either way, involving influencers in the content will add something extra to the content. The influencers can then share the content with their followers, introducing them to your brand and encouraging them to check you out.

  3. Brand rep programs: This is when you activate relevant influencers as representatives for your brand. The influencers will be able to gain some benefits by becoming brand reps such as earning a commission for every conversion coming through them. And it works because the influencer will be promoting your brand on a regular basis, consistently exposing their followers to your brand.

  4. Giveaway contests: This is when influencers host a giveaway contest sponsored by your brand. The prizes could include products from your brand, branded goodies, or even experiences such as all expenses paid trips. Through the contest, they will be introducing your brand to their followers and encouraging them to follow you or create content about your brand in exchange for a chance to win something. This can result in high levels of exposure for your brand.

So you can carefully consider these types of campaigns and see which one of them would be best for achieving your goals. You could also combine some of the campaigns for enhanced results. If you need influencers and aren't sure where to start - set up a free consultation today -

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