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Learn Why These 6 Facebook Campaigns Are Brilliant and Why They Work!

If you’re scrambling for a fresh way to approach your next Facebook campaign, you’re not alone.

Given the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, many marketers are stuck scratching their heads when it comes to their future on the platform.

“How can I make sure my posts aren’t getting buried?”

“Should we totally give up on organic reach and go all-in on ads?”

“Which sorts of ads are going to give us the most bang for our buck, anyway?

Perhaps the best way to break down the answers to these questions is by assessing what is working for brands today.

Listen: now’s a prime time to reassess how you approach Facebook. That’s why we’ve outlined some recent success stories from brands, ranging from killer ads to smart posts that receive tons of love organically.

And with these brilliant examples from big brands in mind, you can roll out your own Facebook campaign that totally slays.

1. Airbnb

Time after time, Airbnb ticks all the boxes of how brands squeeze so much out of their Facebook presence.

Airbnb relies heavily on user-generated content from their satisfied customers to fill their feed. This allows them to show off eye-popping, exotic locations that their followers can fall in love with.

And since Facebook’s algorithm favors visual content over links, such a strategy spells good news for their organic reach.

Additionally, the brand uses any given campaign as an opportunity to go back-and-forth with their customers. By emphasizing customer care and picking their fans’ brains through asking questions, their posts stand to score more engagement as a result.