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Learn How a Loan Officer Generated $1800 Using Our Instagram Services

Anyone can create an Instagram account but how do you actually generate traffic and sales from it?

That is the question everyone wants answered. And let me tell you right now, it is not easy! That is why we create classes and blogs to help you optimize your Instagram account. We are even writing a book to help business owners and entrepreneurs drive traffic and leads from their Instagram account.

I recommend you read the "how to grow your business using Instagram" blog before jumping into this one because it will make a lot more sense when I start talking about targeting options.

Just so it is clear, our services promise strategic targeted traffic, growth, and account optimization. We do not promise sales, but when everything is set up correctly, there is a high chance that you will be able to convert your followers into leads or customers.

Okay, lets dive into the stuff that you want to see!

Since our client was a loan officer, we had to think about how to target his potential clients on Instagram.

We also have to makes sure the users are targeted in the right locations. So, since his clients would be realtors and brokers, we would find hashtags that direct us to them. Also, we add the location to the hashtag. A few example of the targeted hashtags are: #realtormiami, #miamirealtor, #miamibroker, #miamirealesate, etc.

Whoever pulls up when the hashtags are searched, we engage with them through their content and we also follow them. Now, the key is to also send them a direct message. You can wait until they follow you back or you can send it right away.

The direct message should be welcoming, open, and directional. Do not try to hard sell right away. Connect with them and include a soft sell. An example is "Hey, thank you for connecting! Would love to learn more about what you do and if I could bring you some value. I am a loan officer at _____ mortgage. Do you have any mortgage questions I could assist with?"

After they respond, you will have a better idea if they could be a potential client or if you should just keep them on the follow up list.

Another strategy that was implemented to target his potential clients was finding his competitors. When you find a competitor on Instagram, all you have to do is click on their followers and go down the list and start connecting with their followers. This list consists of people who are interested in the same services that you are providing.

This consistent activity with an optimized Instagram account (bio, content, call to actions, and captions) will convert Instagram traffic and followers into paying clients.

If you have more questions, I would love to answer them. You can find me on Instagram @amelkilic.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, we would love to help you grow your traffic and build your community. Set up your free consultation today and learn how we can help you. If you sign up today, we will wave the initial setup fee ($149 value). Just mention that you were directed from this blog.


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