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Created a 6.8x ROAS Campaign in Under a Week: Case Study

Updated: Apr 17


GT Auto Spa is a car detailing company located in Tampa, Florida that gives vehicles the professional, hands-on treatment that restore them to like-new condition. The GT Auto Spa team is a group of hard working individuals who have a strong passion for cars. They provide nothing but the highest quality work to their customers. Their services include maintenance detail, ceramic coating and paint correction, and are certified in System X Ceramics.

Leads are undoubtedly the most important part of growing your small business as a car detailing company. Auto detailing is an increasingly data-driven business, and collecting and storing customer data is critically important for your own reference and for marketing purposes.

GT Auto Spa came to GenTech Marketing to increase lead generation, get more quality leads, improve conversion rates and increase sales and revenue. With GenTech Marketing being the industry leaders in lead generation through Facebook and Instagram ads, GT Auto Spa reached out to us.

The Process:

After meeting with GT Auto Spa and discussing their goals, GenTech decided to utilize Direct Messaging Ads on Instagram and Facebook to increase lead generation for GT Auto Spa. When a user clicks this type of ad, they will be sent to your Instagram direct message (DM) or Facebook messenger where they can start a one-on-one conversation with your company. So, instead of sending traffic to a dedicated landing page, you send people into an interactive and engaging conversation with your business. The goal is to start a one-on-one instant message conversation with qualified leads, to connect directly and privately in this personal strategy.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a very powerful tool because they exchange money for attention. By advertising across both platforms, GT Auto Spa will have more opportunity to reach their target audience and find quality leads. GenTech Marketing optimizes their ads by creating ads that are relevant to users and then perfecting these ads informed by data collected through A/B tests and user testing.

The strategy we use in our Facebook and Instagram ads is a good quality video or image that calls out the audience with an OFFER, a HOOK, and a CALL TO ACTION (CTA)! This formula produces ads that convert. The objective of this strategy is to increase brand awareness, lead generation, brand consideration, and messages.

Geo-targeting advertising is a type of advertising that uses location data to reach consumers with messaging appropriate to their locality. Since GT Auto Spa is a local car spa, we utilize geo-targeting to target an audience in their geographic location. This allows GT Auto Spa to define who sees their promoted ads on social media platforms based on where their intended audience is located.

To accomplish these goals, GenTech Marketing utilized Facebook and Instagram targeted ads that reached a geographic location to show their ads to the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time!


The Results:

GenTech Marketing decreased the ad spend by 23% and increased leads by 414% for GT Auto Spa, resulting in multiple 6-figure annual revenue. The campaign reached 151,647 users with over 462,837 impressions. Just this week has brought in an extra $2,650 in revenue and GT Auto Spa has about $5K-$6K in quality leads from the ads. That is a secured 6.88x with a potential of 21.88x return on ad spend (ROAS)!

High quality leads refer to leads with a high propensity to convert into paying customers. The higher the quality of your leads, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service! The messaging ads generated about 50 messaging conversions. Let us remind you, this is a local car spa! The cost per messaging conversion averaged to be only $8.52 per message.

GenTech Marketing is a results driven agency. When we say ‘result driven’, we’re talking about an agency that: has systems in place to monitor the websites and other deliverables it creates, knows how to gauge success and respond to downward trends, and has a proven track record of successful execution. As a results focused marketing agency, we are dedicated to growing sales, leads and overcoming any business plateaus! And that is exactly what we do.

For expert help with lead generation, contact us today.

Get Started Today:

Working with GenTech Marketing, rated as one of the nations top marketing companies, we always go above and beyond for our clients to make sure you are getting the highest return on investment. We will never recommend a service that is not worthy of your investment. We consider your business as if it was our own. Having been in the industry since 2015, we know what works and what doesn't. Our experts are able to advise you on the strategies that we have found to work for other businesses in your industry so that you are not wasting your time and money with "testing".

If you have been thinking about growing your business, but aren't sure where to start, let's hop on a 30 minute discovery call! This is a no pressure call to go over your current strategies and your goals. The worst that can happen is that you learn some new marketing strategies and implement them yourselves, but the upside is that we are a good fit and we can scale your business and help you reach your business goals!

Click here to schedule a call today. We are excited to speak with you!

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Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Dec 10, 2023

In my opinion the project is really successful. And it would be good to add to it a background of auto detailing images that will convey the whole atmosphere. And will attract more customers.

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