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JetRide's 5-Month Facebook Ad Journey: 7 Campaigns, 1.5 Million Reach, and 11.3 Million Impressions


JetRide, a prominent luxury boat and jet-ski rental company with multiple locations, sought to increase their website registrations and expand their customer base. To address this challenge, JetRide partnered with GenTech Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation through search and social paid ads. This case study explores the challenges faced by JetRide, GenTech's strategic solutions, and the remarkable results achieved through their collaboration.


Challenges Faced by JetRide

Limited Online Presence: JetRide had a limited online presence, which hindered their ability to reach a wider audience and generate website registrations. They needed a robust marketing strategy to effectively showcase their services and capture potential customers' attention.

Identifying the Target Audience: JetRide needed assistance in identifying and targeting their ideal audience to maximize the conversion rate of their Facebook ad campaigns. This involved understanding the demographics, interests, and behaviors of their potential customers in their 6 different locations.

Cost-Effective Registration Acquisition: JetRide wanted to optimize their advertising budget by acquiring registrations at a reasonable cost per completed registration. Ensuring an efficient return on investment (ROI) was crucial for their marketing efforts.


GenTech Marketing's Solutions

In-Depth Audience Research: GenTech Marketing conducted comprehensive audience research to identify the target market for JetRide's 6 different locations, each location has multiple different ad sets targeting multiple different audiences. By analyzing factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors, we created detailed buyer personas for each location that formed the foundation of their Facebook ad targeting strategy.

Compelling Ad Creative: GenTech Marketing crafted visually appealing and persuasive ad creatives to capture the attention of potential customers. Each creative was carefully curated to capture the essence of JetRide's offerings, evoking a sense of luxury that resonated with the desires of customers. We highlighted JetRide's luxury boat and jet-ski fleet, the convenience of their services, and the unique experiences customers could have by choosing JetRide.

Precise Ad Targeting: Leveraging the audience research insights, GenTech Marketing utilized Facebook's advanced targeting options to deliver ads to a highly relevant audience. We fine-tuned the targeting parameters to reach users whose desires and aspirations aligned seamlessly with JetRide's offerings, ensuring maximum impact and conversion potential. The targeting reached users who were more likely to convert and engage with JetRide's website registration process.

A/B Testing and Optimization: GenTech Marketing conducted ongoing A/B tests on different ad variations to identify the most effective messaging, visuals, and call-to-action buttons. We constantly optimized the campaign based on performance metrics, ensuring that the ads delivered maximum results for JetRide. With every iteration, the campaign grew stronger, ensuring JetRide reaped the utmost rewards.


Results Achieved

GenTech Marketing's expertly executed Facebook ad campaigns produced remarkable results for JetRide.

The following outcomes were achieved over the course of the collaboration:

Increased Website Registrations: Through GenTech Marketing's targeted efforts, JetRide gained a significant boost in website registrations. In just 5-months, these campaigns led to a remarkable total of 9,777 new website registrations across JetRide's 6 locations.

Cost-Effective Registration Acquisition: GenTech Marketing achieved a cost per completed registration of $12.92. This ensured that JetRide obtained high-quality registrations within a reasonable budget, enhancing the overall return of investment (ROI) of their marketing investment.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The Facebook ad campaigns generated extensive exposure for JetRide, increasing their brand awareness among the target audience. Over a span of 5 months, our strategic expertise fueled the success of 7 impactful campaigns, propelling JetRide's reach to an astonishing 1.5 million accounts reached, leaving an indelible mark with an impressive 11.3 million impressions. The captivating ad creatives helped build brand recognition and positioned JetRide as a premier luxury boat rental provider.

Improved Customer Engagement: The campaign encouraged 1.5 million potential highly-qualified customers to actively engage with JetRide's website, indicating a strong interest in their services. This heightened level of engagement laid the foundation for potential conversions and long-term customer relationships.



By partnering with GenTech Marketing, JetRide successfully addressed their marketing challenges and achieved exceptional results. GenTech's audience research, precise ad targeting, compelling ad creatives, and continuous optimization efforts significantly contributed to the increased website registrations and enhanced brand recognition. With their strengthened online presence and growing customer base, JetRide is well-positioned for continued success in the boat and jet-ski rental industry.

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