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How To Leverage Social Proof

Do you think of yourself as a leader or a follower? If you said leader, consider this: Imagine you are looking to purchase a new product and are deciding between three different brands. The first two brands have strong ratings but a few customers have negative reviews. The third brand has the same ratings but no bad reviews. Wouldn’t you pick the third brand? This is the phenomenon called social proof.

Social proof is the idea that people determine their approval of a product or purchase based on what others say and their actions. In marketing, social proof examples can be customer testimonials, media coverage, or any way an existing customer promotes your product. Basically, a third party does all your marketing for you by influencing others to purchase your product or service.

So why are businesses so intrigued by this phenomenon? Because it works. Here we will break down why social proof works and ways you can integrate it into your business:

Why Social Proof Works

It is simple, social proof gets your business more sales. The key to social proof in business is making your customers feel confident in the purchase they are about to make. Most customers give into a service or buy a product if they feel connected to it. Through social proof, you can reach potential customers on an emotional level. People will connect to brands they see those they trust use or those they relate to personally.

Social proof is important for a business landing page. It will not only reinforce your message on your page but it will also justify your claims. Although, it is essential to be careful when using social proof. A business should not use reviews that a customer can not relate to or testimonials that seem fake and made up. Potential customers will be able to see through it, remember it, and will not look into the business for any future purchases. People look for and want to see authentic social proof, so use it!

Types of Social Proof for Business

1. Case Studies

A strong way to integrate social proof into your business is with case studies. To do this identify clients that have had success with your business’s services. This allows a business to go in-depth about how a customer had a positive experience and allows an opportunity to share real numbers and facts. Before potential customers decide to spend money they want to see proof of the value. Make sure your case studies provide credible evidence with numbers, data, and analysis.

A case study can showcase your company's talent and share your study. By showing your solutions to problems, potential clients can identify and relate to these issues in their own businesses. Featuring these case studies on your website will increase engagement and impact your SEO, therefore, drawing more customers to your website.

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