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How To Grow Your Medical Practice Using Social Media

As the Internet becomes a critical stepping point in the buyers’ journey, medical marketing becomes an essential investment. You'll need to develop a digital marketing campaign if you want to reach clients online.

If you’re looking for marketing ideas to help you generate more clients, keep reading this blog. Or, you can contact us online or call us today at 904-994-2967 if you need help creating a marketing campaign for your medical business.

Obtaining new leads through Facebook ads

If you want to obtain new, high-value medical clients, invest in Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are an excellent medical advertising idea because it allows you to reach users that are more likely to convert and become leads.

Here are the steps to creating an effective Facebook Ad strategy to grow your practice.

1. Create an Attractive Offer

The key factor to a great offer is creating a lead magnet. Constructing a lead magnet is done by having a low entry priced product/service that your target audience actually wants. In order for a lead magnet to be most effective, it MUST deliver a specific result, immediate gratification, shift the relationship to a buyer, and is a high perceived value.

We recommend creating a discount on one of your more popular medical services in order to attract new customers. We also suggest setting a limit to how many offers can be redeemed or a set time frame within which they can be redeemed. This will prompt the viewers of your ad to become new leads because of the urgency created by your offer.

2. Write Compelling Ad Copy

Facebook newsfeeds are crowded. In order to capture users’ attention, your advertisement must include compelling text. Creating a high converting ad copy can be done by following the Facebook ad copy formula.

The first step in the formula is to grab your audience’s Attention. This is done by addressing their pain point, challenges, or calling out your audience in specific.

The next step in the formula is to inspire Interest from your audience. An effective way to do this is to describe the direct benefits that accompany your lead magnet.

The third step is to create a Desire from your audience. Creating a desire within your audience is done by providing them a reason to click your advertisement.

The final step in the Facebook ad copy formula is to provoke Action. Including a call to action to “Click Here” is a good way to get your audience to interact with your lead magnet. It is important not to appear as an advertisement however as you are trying to look like a part of the newsfeed. If you decide to use emoji’s in your ad copy, make sure that they appear correctly on all devices.

3. Include an Eye-Catching Ad Creative

In order to run an effective Facebook advertising campaign, including an image, video, or visual for your Facebook Ad is essential. The visual that you decide to use for your advertisement should be a visual representation of the ad copy that you created above. Some of the key questions to ask yourself when selecting a visual include:

  • Does the visual tell a story?

  • Does the visual display my service/product in use?

  • Would my visual stand out on the Facebook newsfeed?

  • What emotions does my visual evoke from those who see it?

4. Create Lead Capture System

Creating a relevant landing page is just as important as creating an attractive advertisement. An effective advertisement can fail to generate leads if the landing page is not relevant to the ad that your audience clicked on. Your landing page MUST match what was promised in your Facebook ad.

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that we can collect the potential leads information directly on the platform if you don't have a function website or landing page.

5. Target the Right Audience

When trying to attract more leads for your medical clinic, choosing the right people to target is essential to an effective Facebook advertising campaign. The best Facebook advertising campaign in front of the wrong audience is destined to fail. When selecting your target audience it’s important not to focus too much on age and gender. Instead, focus on zip codes to generate more leads for your local medical clinic.

We recommend that local medical clinics target locations within a 5 to a 10-mile radius from where they are located. It is also important that you set the location target for only people who live in that 5 to 10-mile radius, instead of everyone in that radius.

When creating your first advertisement, we advise targeting English speaking women aged 25 – 65+ to see how the ad performs. If the advertisement is effective then you can increase the target audience to include males. It is also recommended that you leave detailed targeting empty. This is a crucial step as many local businesses make the mistake of layering in certain interests.

Detailed targeting is usually only effective for large scale eCommerce advertisements as opposed to local businesses. Large scale businesses have a much bigger audience due to a wide location radius.

For the placement of your ad, make sure manual placements are selected. Within the manual placement options, we only want the Facebook newsfeed platform selected. Under the Optimization for Ad Delivery section, set it to link clicks.

6. Launch Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The next step is launching and implementing your Facebook Ad Campaign. The campaign objective of your first Facebook Ad Campaign should be to generate leads or link clicks/traffic to your website/sales funnel. We recommend sticking with “lead generation” if your website isn't fully optimized to convert.


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Facebook ads have allowed us to generate Spinal Decompression clients for our medical clients for as little as $10 per potential client.


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