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How GenTech Marketing Helped Insurance Elevated Scale Their Business by 9,103%

Updated: Apr 17


Insurance Elevated, a growing insurance agency, was struggling to scale their business beyond $50/day in ad spend and just 1 lead per day. The company faced challenges in generating high-quality leads while controlling the cost per lead. They didn't want to rely on lead vendors as they found the leads to be non-exclusive and of low quality. Eric Bosworth, CEO of Insurance Elevated, knew they needed to revamp their marketing strategy to drive more leads and grow their business, but didn't know where to start.



That's when they turned to GenTech Marketing and our Scalable Revenue Ecosystem (SRE) coaching program. Our team worked with them for 90 days, using a mix of "Done For You" and "Done With You" modules to help them optimize their entire marketing ecosystem.



We started by optimizing their Facebook and Instagram ads and building a comprehensive funnel that incorporated email and SMS campaigns. Within weeks, they saw a significant increase in leads. Fast forward to today, and Insurance Elevated is now spending $2K/day in ad spend and generating a staggering 9,200+ leads per month - a massive 9,103% increase from where they started!

But that's not all. Thanks to our coaching program, Insurance Elevated was able to expand their team from 15 agents to a whopping 150 agents - a 10X increase in size! And their business revenue has grown in proportion.

Our SRE coaching program gave Insurance Elevated the tools and knowledge they needed to make real, meaningful changes to their business. By teaching them copywriting, developing a unique mechanism, creating an irresistible offer, scripting their marketing messages, optimizing their ads and VSL, and creating CRM automations, we gave them the skills and systems they needed to create a successful, sustainable business.



GenTech Marketing's Scalable Revenue Ecosystem coaching program helped Insurance Elevated to break through their plateau and achieve impressive growth in a short amount of time. With a strong foundation of skills and expertise, Insurance Elevated was able to reach more potential customers and grow their business to new heights. If your coaching or agency business is making more than $30K/mo and you're ready to take your business to the next level, the SRE program may be the solution you're looking for.

If you're ready to take your coaching or agency business to the next level, the SRE coaching program is for you. We've implemented everything we teach in our own business, so we know it works. Let us help you achieve the same kind of dramatic and engaging results that Insurance Elevated experienced.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's elevate your business today. CLICK HERE


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