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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads (Which One Should You Use?)

Imagine you're walking down the street and the sole of your much-loved sneaker finally separates. Your sock starts flapping in the wind.

"Now I need another pair of sneakers!" you exclaim, and a well-dressed man walks up with a pair in his hands. "These ones are 50% off," he tells you.

That's Google Ads.

Now imagine you're walking down the street and the sole of your much-loved sneaker is almost separated. You're concerned, but keep walking.

A man, noticing your rapidly-deteriorating footwear, walks up with a pair of sneakers in his hands. "Hey friend!" he exclaims. "You look like you might need a new pair of sneakers. These ones are 50% off!."

That's Facebook Ads.

Because the Google Adman approached you when you were in clear need, you'd be more likely to buy from him. But perhaps he'd have to pay a bit more to be on that street in the first place.

Because the Facebook Adman approached you when you weren't 100% thinking about buying a replacement pair of sneakers, you're less likely to buy. So perhaps he wouldn't have to pay so much.

That's the difference between Google and Facebook: the first platform puts your business in front of people looking for your solution. The second puts your business in front of people likely to be looking for your solution at some point.

Both platforms are awesome, massive, and (when we follow your sales funnel all the way down to the "customer" stage) there's really not much difference in terms of cost.

So, in the real world, when should your business advertise on Google, and when on Facebook?

This article will break it down.

When should you advertise on Google?

This section covers the three primary reasons to advertise on Google based on three business objectives:

  • Driving direct sales

  • Standing out from competitors

  • Retargeting

Advertise on Google When You Want to Drive Direct Sales

Advertising boots on Facebook is a challenge, because nobody's looking to the platform to provide them with new boots.

On Google, however, that's exactly why someone might be there.

So you should be there for them.

For instance, when I type "buy men's leather boots" into Google, the first page explodes with ads. My search is high-intent (as if my shoe just broke on the sidewalk), and if you sell boots, your business should be there.