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Do You Even Have A Lead Capture System?

The lead capture system is everything! Even if you spent months creating a fucking awesome marketing plan, and don't have a good lead capture system, there is no way to convert your traffic.

Now your first questions is... What is a lead capture system?? It is literally anything that can capture your leads. This can be as simple as them responding to your email marketing with their contact information or it can be a Facebook ad that sends them to your landing page where they fill out your form.

One of my favorite lead captures are the ones that no one thinks of. Want me to give you one of my secrets...? If you ever used Instagram stories before, you know that you can add a questions box to your story. Guess what I used the box for... You got it, A LEAD GENERATOR. Instead of posting a question, I say something like "If you want a copy of my free book, leave your email below."

Now, let's get more technical, I hope I don't lose you. This stuff is important, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time writing it and trying to email it to everyone in hopes that at least 10% of my subscribers find value in it :)


A successful lead capture system includes the ask and reward feature. People will ask for something in the form fields and you will reward them with the offer you are promising them.

Your lead capture system will fail if it asks people irrelevant questions. Such a lead capture system is considered poorly optimized by digital marketing experts, and it is believed to be the main cause of post-click landing page friction.

The ideal lead capture system is the one that only asks for the basic

information when a user interacts with your business website. For example, if your website offers a free resource such as a webinar or ebook, then your lead capture system should ask the user for a maximum of three fields.

Deciding What Lead Capture System To Use

Before you can decide what system to use, you'll have to figure out where your clients are. Are they most likely to be on social media, checking their emails, or driving down the highway. Upon knowing that, you can start working on creating your LCS.

Landing Pages are very popular. You can direct your traffic from any of the examples mentioned above to your landing page. But ask yourself if it's just another unnecessary step. If you can convert them on the initial interaction, then do it! As i mentioned earlier, I convert my followers directly on my Instagram story. Sending them to my landing page could lose them.

Optimizing Your Lead Capture System

Optimizing your lead capture system is all about optimizing the form you will be using to collect user information. Following are the different factors that you should keep in mind while optimizing your lead capture system:

 Attention-Grabbing Headline

 Relevant Image

 Position of form

 Length of form

 CTA button

 Privacy policy link

Attention-Grabbing Headline

An attention-grabbing headline gets the attention of your website’s visitors. They will not pay any attention to your lead capture system unless they find it interesting. Therefore, you must be creative when writing your headline, so readers are encouraged to stay on your page.

An effective way to do it is to include a unique value proposition (WE TALK ABOUT OFFERING VALUE ALL THE TIME.. I WONDER WHY) in your headline and message match it with your marketing campaign.

Relevant Image

Remember that your goal is to make the viewer see themselves in your ad. You want them to say... "Hey, that's me." You can do this through the copy in the lead capture form but you can also do it through the image. Make the image speak to them.

CTA Button

The button which is placed at the bottom of a lead capture form is called a CTA (call-to-action) button. Your website visitors fill the fields of your lead capture form and then they click on the CTA button to submit their information. You must ensure that your CTA button has certain qualities; otherwise, your website’s visitors will not notice it.

Your CTA button must have the following qualities to maximize conversions:

 It should be noticeable

 It should have a contrasting color

 It should have a personalized message from you

Relevant Copy

The most important of your lead capture system is your post-click landing page copy because it will explain everything that you are offering to the visitors.

You have two options for your copy:

1. Teaser

2. Detail

It is on your discretion whether you prefer to use a teaser copy or detailed copy. A detailed copy gives your visitor enough details that he is encouraged to buy your product or service. Try to bulleted the list in your copy, so people find it easy to read.


Your lead capture system is your journey from hunting to farming your leads. The aim is to ensure that you always have new business in the pipeline. In the digital world, it is not recommended to sell directly from your advertisement. Instead you should convert your leads into business in a systematic way. Provide value and then ask for the conversion.


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