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Do's and Dont's of Paid Social Media Advertising

We help companies of all sizes grow faster, think bigger, and convert better through paid social media advertising. If you can execute it right, you will see a great return on your investment!

So, what are the do’s and don’ts of social media advertising?


Do Use Catalog Ads

Product catalog ads are shoppable formats designed to showcase the products, services, or experiences you sell online. The advantages of catalog marketing is that it increases brand visibility and awareness and maximizes profits of online marketing campaigns. The catalog ads simplify results tracking and provide audience targeting opportunities.

The great thing about catalog ads is that they automatically show relevant items from your catalog to people based on their interests, intent and actions online. Catalog ads allow you to reach more shoppers, retarget shoppers who have abandoned cart and remind them of the products they’ve viewed, but haven’t yet bought. To run them effectively, you'll need to connect your catalog to your Meta Pixel.

Do Have A Clear Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step or the action that the marketer wants the consumer to take. Once you gain attention with your ads, get users to click! Position the call to action (CTA) in a place that is easy to notice and directs them to the exact action in order to close the deal.

But, what is a good call to action? A good call to action promotes a HIGH value, yet is low risk for your audience. This employs a zero-pressure approach, making the offer a no-brainer!!

Do Use Video Ads

Video ads have higher engagement! Video ads merge two things that catch user attention: movement and sound. Both of these play an important role in conveying an efficient message, hence leading to better engagement. Video marketing means using videos for promoting and telling people about your product or service. It helps increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and allows you to reach them with a new medium.

Video advertising allows marketers to reach consumers through a wide range of video formats, working across multiple devices and channels. The ads play at different times and use various targeting methods.

Do Take Advantage of Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences allow you to target users who share similar characteristics to your current customer base. As a result, you are able to reach a wider audience that is more relevant to your product or service. Using lookalike audiences is one of the best ways to target cold audiences!

These audiences will be more likely to engage with your ad based on their similarities to your other audiences. Lookalike audiences are a very powerful tool! It is a means of getting new potential customers who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.


Don’t Ignore Mobile Optimization

Any marketer who is striving to expand a brand's visibility and reach online should evaluate their mobile optimization! Mobile optimization refers to the strategic approach of updating your website to deliver an ideal and engaging experience to users who are visiting the site from their mobile device.

Billions of users' view content and use social media platforms on their mobile devices every day. To ensure a good user experience, make sure that your content is compatible with their device. If it isn’t, the user will get frustrated quickly and exit the page. Implement the same optimization when switching from mobile device to a tablet or desktop.

Don’t Use Too Much Image Text

Image text is any text that exists on your ad image or creative. If you need to include text in your image, try using fewer words and/or reducing the font size of your text. Keep in mind that if your text is too small, it may be difficult to read.

There’s no reason to include more than 1 line of text in your Facebook ad. You have the body of the ad to include enough context and information for the viewer to click your link. If you do add image text, consider only adding a heading — such as an offer, a call-to-action, or a discount. That’ll maximize the impact of the text and ensure viewers see something that will compel them to click.

Don’t Expect Results on Day One

As with everything, results take time. A successful Google ad campaign will take at least 3 months to mature and then approximately 4-12 months to develop into a strong campaign. But, why so long? Google needs to use a lot of processing time to collect a good amount of data to effectively serve your ad to the right audience! It is important to understand each platforms’ learning period.

The learning phase is the period when the delivery system still has a lot to learn about an ad set. During the learning phase, the delivery system of the given social media is exploring the best way to deliver your ad set. During this time it is actively trying different audiences, placements, and more so that the performance has not yet stabilized.

In Conclusion...

Paid social media advertising gives your business guaranteed reach. Working with GenTech Marketing, the best marketing agency in Tampa, we always go above and beyond for our clients to make sure you are getting the highest return on investment.

For expert help with paid ads, contact us today.


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