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How GenTech Marketing Turned $35K into $212K Through Facebook Ads: Case Study

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


The Poker Depot is the #1 online source for custom poker chips for casinos, poker rooms, consumers and corporate clients. They offer fully customized clay and ceramic poker chips made in the USA, available in various degrees of customization and security.

The Poker Depot is an e-commerce website for all your custom playing card & poker chip needs! Their state of the art design platform allows users to make customized poker chips from one of their many templates, or to build personalized poker chips from scratch! Initially, Poker Depot was only running Google Ads and not seeing the results that they intended.

With GenTech Marketing being the industry leaders in generating sales and leads through Facebook Ads, Poker Depot reached out to us when they decided to scale their business. Poker Depot came to GenTech Marketing to increase lead generation, improve conversion rates, increase sales and revenue, and grow their presence on social media.

The Process:

First, GenTech Marketing's team set up the Poker Depot's Facebook pixels properly and connected those to the Poker Depot website. By doing so, we are able to ensure their ads are seen by the people who are most likely to take the desired action. These pixels allow us to improve the Facebook ad conversion rate and get better ROI for Poker Depot.

To accomplish these goals, GenTech Marketing's team utilized our multi-platform certified ad manager to show the Poker Depot's ads to the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time. The GenTech Marketing team utilized conversion Facebook Ads because they are a very powerful tool that exchanges money for attention! The conversion goals are for consumers to add to cart and purchase from the Poker Depot's website. GenTech Marketing optimizes their ads by creating ads that are relevant to users and then perfecting these ads informed by data collected through A/B tests and user testing.

The strategies we use in our Facebook ads are a good quality picture, an offer, a hook, and an urgent call to action! GenTech uses psychological terminology which incentivized people to click on our ads by using certain keywords and techniques. Additionally, we incentivize people to buy the products by creating a sense of urgency, without seeming 'spammy'.

​​The Results:

The Poker Depot spent $35,000 on Facebook ads through GenTech Marketing to generate over $212,000 in purchases. The conversion ads generated 1,000 add to carts and over 600 purchases. ROAS is the amount of revenue your business earns for each dollar it spends on advertising. The return on ad spend for the Poker Depot is 6.06x on average.