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How We Turned $50K into Over $390K: Case Study

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


Lumiére Lash is an e-commerce business that sells luxury lashes, application tools, after care, accessories, and even offers their own lash training services with training supplies included.

Their best seller is the MoonGlo light, a 360-Degree LED rotator with swinging movable arm that makes it easy for any beauty technician to work under perfectly even lighting with less shadows.

With GenTech Marketing being the industry leaders in generating sales and leads through Facebook Ads, Lumiére Lash reached out to us when they decided to scale their business.

The Process:

Lumiére Lash came to GenTech Marketing to convert their target audience into customers, improve sales and revenue, and grow their business and brand.

When we first met with Lumiére Lash, their sales were about $2,000 per month. Their initial goal was to reach $10,000 in sales a month within 3 months. (Spoiler: We reached that goal in 1 month!)

To accomplish these goals, GenTech Marketing utilizes our multi-platform certified ad manager to show their ads to the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time. We used conversion based Facebook ads, and set up conversion pixels on their website the correct way in order to track all actions.

Our ads targeted an audience similar to Lumiére Lash's previous buyers, high ticketed purchasers. We created a custom audience based on website visitors, ads to cart, and purchases. GenTech also made lookalike audiences, which is a group of social network members who are determined as sharing characteristics with another group of members.

GenTech created a retargeting sequence for Lumiére Lash, which targeted people that had previously created an add to cart, visited the website, or initiated a checkout - but did not make the purchase. We even created a retargeting sequence for people already purchased these product in order to receive credibility by them commenting about their experience. This action highlighted that her product is a good product.

In the ads we created, we used psychological terminology which incentivized people to click on our ads by using certain key words and techniques. Additionally, we incentivized people to buy the products by creating a sense of urgency, without seeming 'spammy'.

As a revenue focused marketing agency, we are dedicated to growing sales, leads and overcoming any business plateaus! And that is exactly what we did.

​​The Results:

Since August of 2021, Lumiére Lash has spent about $50K on marketing and advertising through GenTech Marketing, resulting in $390K in sales. The first month Lumiére Lash partnered with GenTech, we increased their sales to $10,000