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How to Make My Posts Go Viral

What Does It Mean To Go Viral?

Going viral means having a post on social media spread rapidly to millions of people online. This post or video goes viral by users reposting and sharing the content. Going viral can be the best thing for a business since it gets them traction and exposure like nothing else can.

What compels someone to share your content?

Viral marketing is a promotional technique that aims to spread a campaign quickly and widely. When using this marketing strategy, content is created to encourage sharing by an initial target audience. The goal is to make it appealing and approachable enough to inspire people to engage.

Have you checked your DMs lately? I bet you have a direct message of a viral video from your friend on TikTok or Instagram. Viral marketing techniques amplify the power of peer recommendations through social networks. We as marketers need to take advantage of this power by creating viral content.

Use these techniques to make your next viral video.

Captivate Your Audience Immediately

Capture your audience at the jump! Users are being fed constant content on all of their social media apps, therefore your content needs to catch their attention immediately. You must have an immediate attention grabber to stop them in their tracks.

Having a visual element in your digital marketing content can help. Additionally, you need to pull your target audience in with a clear message that instantly translates as funny, bold, wild, inspiring, or all of the above.

Appeal to Emotions

Consumers are heavily driven by how they feel. When you create viral marketing content that leads to a strong emotional response, your viewers are more likely to engage.

Think about why you sent your friend a video or post! There are four emotional triggers that evoke the most response on social media: happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. It should go without saying that it's best to focus on content that will bring up happy feelings more than the others. You want to encourage customers to have a light, joyful feeling toward your brand.

Engage Your Audience

The common theme of viral videos is that they are interesting and provoke a response. Whether that response is commenting on the post or sharing it to friends, it's engagement. A great way to encourage your audience to respond is including a call to action. Tell users what actions they should take after listening to your message!

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