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A Guide to Brand Awareness

When searching for a business, 82% of people clicked on a result from a brand they were familiar with! Why is that?

Brand awareness is defined as the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services. In today’s world, consumers now have the tools to research and hear others opinions prior to making a purchase. It is essential for companies and brands to build trust with their customers. Once that trust is built customers are more likely to stay loyal to that brand in future purchases.

Brand awareness gives your brand a personality and outlet to share their story. Here are the best brand awareness strategies:

Start with a Strong Brand

If you do not start your company with a strong brand, it will become harder to bring awareness. Consumers automatically recognize your brand based on your logo, colors, and voice. Choose colors and a logo that fit your brands personality so consumers can differentiate you from competitors. By keeping your brand consistent, customers will be able to easily recognize your company.

Stay Active on Social Platforms

Actively sharing content and interacting with your customers strengthens brand awareness. Loyal customers will be able to follow your brand and it also gives opportunities to connect with potential new customers. Spreading brand awareness on social media can be difficult because you have to compete with other companies. Although, if your brand keeps up the trends and finds their own niche they can stand out from the competitors. The major benefits of staying active on social media is you can increase your brand awareness and engagement!

Try Display Advertising

A creative way to enhance brand awareness is through display or banner ads on websites. These ads give opportunities to attract more customers who are unaware of your business. People spend a lot of their time on websites and social media platforms where display advertising is featured. It is crucial to utilize the right visuals for these ads so you can be remembered by viewers.

Word of Mouth Marketing

A great way to build trust and familiarity with your customers is through word of mouth-marketing. Identify your top customers and ask them to write a review. By having loyal customers share your brand it will bring in more people. It is important to make meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your current customers so they recommend your brand to others. People listen and trust those they already know!

Try Networking

Socializing and connecting with others allows you to be seen as more than just a brand. Brands can connect with people through social media or events. Online you can connect with your followers by asking questions, and replying to comments and direct messages. It is also beneficial for the business to attend events in their industry and community. When people feel like the brand is its own person they will trust in the business and feel comfortable.

Build Off Your Values

Customers choose brands that they feel share their same values and style. Before you create your brand, understand your values and the customers you wish to seek. By discovering who your customers are and catering towards their needs you can build an emotional connection with them. The emotional connection between a brand and their customers builds brand awareness. Most customers will stay loyal to their brands they share the same values with.

Produce a Podcast

Podcasts are an authentic way to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. It gives brands the opportunity to share their message, but also educates and advises their customers. Podcasts allow your brand's personality and story to be shared, which gains trust. Check out our GenTech Podcast!

In Conclusion,

Brand awareness forms a connection between your business and your audience’s feelings about your business. By behaving more like a person than a company, it will build a meaningful relationship that goes beyond a single purchase. Brand awareness can give businesses an advantage in the market.

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