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4 Genius Ways Doctors Can Use Facebook Ads & Get More Customers

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Today you are going to see some of my favorite social media strategies in action…

…social media strategies that will help you increase your clientele and revenue.

According to Forbes, industry data shows that privately held doctor’s (medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) offices have seen steady but moderate sales growth and above-average profitability over the past few years.

It’s my goal for you to be included in that growth.

Let’s dive right in.

#1: Use Local Ad Targeting To Reach 100% of Your Customer Base

Facebook ads work for Doctors for one reason:

Facebook ads are super easy to find your exact target demographic, no matter the location.

Have you looked at Facebook’s location targeting options lately?

You can target by country, state/province, city, ZIP, DMA…

…And address.

You are seeing that correctly.

You can use Facebook to target people within a set amount of miles from a particular address.

For Example:

Your office is located at 555 more revenue lane.

Why not run ads at those who live near you?

This target audience is more familiar with your brand, because they pass by your office every day.

Facebook targeting within 1 mile of our office

Imagine how excited that audience will be to see a coupon on Facebook for the doctor’s office they see everyday – and have been meaning to visit.

Does this sound like something you would like to implement for your business?

Let’s keep going…

#2: Target Potential Customers Based On Income

Being able to retain clients is a big part of building a sustainable company.

Sometimes, the challenge is not finding those who need your service.

Often, the challenge is finding those who can afford your service.

If you service to a particular income level, to have a fighting chance with Facebook ads you have two options:

Option #1: Target everyone regardless of his or her financial characteristics and see what sticks (How most business owners waste advertising dollars).

Option #2: Target potential customers based on the exact income levels you wish to service.

Luckily, Facebook puts a checkmark in the win column for doctors by allowing the ability to execute option #2.

No need to wonder if your advertising efforts are reaching the right people.

You can be laser targeted right down to income.

#3: Use Facebook Retargeting To Re-engage Lost Website Leads

Something to think about:

Ever visited a website of your favorite brand and later logged onto Facebook?

Chances are after leaving their website, you witnessed an ad from them in your Facebook news feed.

Why do large companies use Facebook retargeting?

Most marketing gurus agree on one thing:

The average consumer must see a brand at least 3-4 times before they are ready to make a purchase.

The same holds true for doctors.

The customers that are the quickest to convert are those who have:

1. Used your services before


2. Have seen your brand multiple times

Here is a look at our Facebook retargeting list within the last month…

That’s over two thousand potential customers we re-engage on Facebook everyday once they leave our site.

Still there.

Imagine all the website traffic your website receives on a daily basis.


…imagine all the people that never contact you.

With a few expert strategies and the proper management, you can fill that gap by re-engaging the potential customers who do not convert on the first visit.

Just remember one thing:

It is 100% possible to get new customers using Facebook.

#4: Hire A Facebook Marketing and Advertising Agency

Many doctor’s offices make the mistake of thinking they have the time and expertise to execute a revenue-generating Facebook campaign.

In our experience, it has always proven more effective to hire a Facebook marketing company.

Let us start with our free business audit today!


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