Our Powerful 3x3 Business Growth Plan


Finding the right business growth agency isn’t easy.

There are so many things to think about, like whether the agency can actually deliver on their promises or if they’ll drain your cash every month with no return. And once you’ve narrowed it down to a few contenders, you might wonder what a reasonable price for a good agency is, or whether you even need one in the first place. 


The truth is, the right agency can help you get a return on your marketing budget at a fraction of the cost you’d have to spend to assemble an in-house team. But before anyone runs any business growth strategy, there are a few things that you need in place. At GenTech Marketing, we have our own business growth strategy titled The 3x3 Business Growth Plan.  


The plan is divided into 3 Stages with 3 steps in each stage:


Stage 1: Before (Prospect)

In the “before” phase we focus on prospects. Prospects are people that may not even yet know you exist. In this phase, we identify a target market, craft a compelling message for your target market and deliver your message to them through advertising media. The goal of this phase is to get your prospect to know you and respond to your message. Once they’ve indicated interest by responding, they become a lead and enter the second phase of your marketing process.

Step 1: My Target Market

In step 1, we help select and define your target market. It a crucial first step in the marketing process. Having a defined target market will ensure your marketing message resonates better, which in turn will make your marketing far more effective. By focusing on the right target market for your business, you’ll be able to get a better return on the time, money, and energy you invest.


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Explaining why targeting everyone with your product or service is a terrible idea and how it can be harmful to your business and cost you far more than it makes you

  • Use the "pvp index" to select your perfect target market

  • Defining your niche and how to become a big fish in a small pond

  • Making your product/service price irrelevant

  • Going deep into the mind of your prospects so you can understand exactly what they want.

Step 2: My Message to My Target Market

Most marketing messages are boring, timid and ineffective. To stand out from the crowd, we help craft a compelling message that grabs the attention of your target market. Once you have their attention, the goal of your message is to compel them to respond.


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Crafting the right business message and explaining why most advertisements don't work

  • Helping to effectively name your business, product, or service

  • How to stand out from the crowd even when you're selling a commodity

  • How not to compete solely on price

Step 3: The Media We Will Use to Reach My Target Market

Advertising media is the vehicle you’ll use to reach your target market and communicate your message. It’s typically the most expensive component of your marketing, so it needs to be selected and managed carefully to ensure you get a good return on investment (ROI).


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Explaining why "getting your name out there" is a losing strategy

  • How to get a good return on investment (ROI) when advertising

  • Define the lifetime value of a customer

  • The role that social media plays in your business and how we will use it

  • How to effectively use email and postal mail as a part of your media strategy

  • How to protect your business from "a single point of failure"

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Growth-Driven Metrics,

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your business:


  • Leads generated per month

  • Sales qualified leads per month

  • Sales driven by marketing

Stage 2: During (Lead)

Step 1: My Lead Capture System

Step 2: My Lead Nurturing System

Immediately after you’ve captured a lead, they should go into your system where repeated contacts are made over time. These are not contacts where you obnoxiously try to pester them into buying. We will build a relationship, giving them value in advance of them buying anything from you and in the process, you build trust and demonstrate authority in your field of expertise.


Our Work Consists Of:

  • How to close more clients with a follow-up

  • Moving prospects further into the buying cycle

  • Creating a marketing infrastructure

  • Educate on the people you need on your team to make your business work

  • How to leverage international talent to ensure your business succeeds

Step 3: My Sales Conversion Strategy

Sales conversion is all about creating enough trust and demonstrating enough value to motivate interested leads to become paying customers. We will help to position you correctly to make the sales conversion process easy and natural for both you and your customer.


Our Work Consists Of:

  • How to position you in order to charge high prices for your products and services

  • Positioning you as a welcome guest rather than a pest when selling

  • Level the playing field for your small business

  • Reduce the perceived risk that your customers see when it comes to buying from you

  • How to instantly generate trust and credibility when selling

Capturing leads in a database system for future follow-up is critical to your marketing success. This is because only a very small percentage of interested leads may be ready to purchase from you immediately. Lead capture is all about properly handling interest and building your future sales pipeline.


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Transitioning from "hunting" to "farming" leads and ensuring you always have a full pipeline of new business

  • Why you should never try to sell directly from an advertisement and what to do instead

  • Position you as an expert and authority to your target market

"Thanks to GenTech Marketing and

their 3x3 Business Growth Plan, our campaign conversion rates were unbelievable, 16-18% conversion."
- Pamela Basler, Florida E.N.T. & Allergy 

Stage 3: After (Customer)

In the “after” stage you’re dealing with customers. In this stage, we turn your customers into raving fans by delivering a world-class experience. Then we implement strategies to do more business with them and increase their lifetime value. We also create an environment where referrals continually come your way. The goal of this final phase is to get your customers to trust you and buy more from you. This phase continues in an ongoing “virtuous cycle” where you deepen your relationship with customers, do more business with them and get more referrals.

Step 1: Deliver a World-Class Experience

By Delivering a world-class experience, you turn customers into a tribe of raving fans who want to buy from you repeatedly. To deliver this world-class experience, you need to implement systems in your business. 


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Building a tribe of raving fans

  • Innovating your business, even when the product or service you sell is boring and ordinary

  • Updating your business

  • Implement structure and systems

Step 2: Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increasing the lifetime value of existing customers is where the real money is made. To do this, you need to have strategies and tactics for getting existing customers to do more business with you. You also need to know, manage, and continually improve key numbers in your business. 


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Making more money from existing customers

  • Winning back lost customers or reactivating customers that haven't bought from you recently

  • How to avoid "polluted revenue"

  • Explaining the four categories of customers in your business and why you shouldn't treat them equally

Step 3: Stimulating Referrals

Orchestrating and stimulating referrals is an active process. Many businesses wish and hope for referrals but don't have a deliberate system for making them happen. We implement some simple tactics to make the flow of referrals a more reliable part of your marketing process. 


Our Work Consists Of:

  • Explaining why relying on word of mouth is a losing strategy

  • How to ask for referrals without looking needy or desperate

  • What "branding" really is and how to build brand equity in your business

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